Last Sunday, my foster pops got me up really early and said it was time for my bath. What was wrong with him? Early on Sunday morning? He was crazy.  

Then my nanna came and said, “Cornbread, we are going to meet someone really nice and I want you to be on your best behavior!” 

I am always on my best behavior. Can’t they see that?

Well, we got into the car and drove a long way and then we got out and met the nicest lady. She had a rather grumpy girl Bulldog with her who did not like me at first. I think she was just jealous! Everyone loves me. I am big, handsome and sweet as pie.

Anyway, I won that Bulldog over in just a few minutes. Then she loved me too!

Nanna took me aside and asked me if I would like to stay here with them. Then, I finally understood. They were the forever parents I had been waiting for! 

I have a wonderful new dad and mom, and my fur sister is pretty good too! I have a big backyard, which is something I’ve always wanted.  

The only bad thing was that I had to leave my foster dad behind. After much hugging, kissing and tears, my nanna and foster dad left me with my new forever family. 

It took me awhile to meet my family, but I know the wait was worth it. For those Bulldogs still waiting on your family, don’t fret. It will happen. Just keep hanging in there. Luv ya!

On Wednesday, my best friend Princess Sophie hopped in the rescue wagon and I jumped in too. There was no way my bestie was leaving me behind! 

Good thing the back door was open because there was no way I wanted to ride in the trunk area. 

In fact, I wanted to ride in the front seat, so I tried by best to crawl up there. The best I could do was lay my head on the rescue lady’s shoulder. And the lady kept saying, “My goodness, Cornbread. You are a heavy breather!” I had to giggle… that’s just the way I breathe. 

Before I knew it, she was FaceTiming Dr. Lay so he could hear me breathe. Dr. Lay said, “Dude, I am going to do an  elongated soft palate surgery on you and fix that cherry eye.” 

I was excited about that. But no one told me he was going to do a little snip-snip on the other end. When I woke up, that was the first thing I noticed.  

Today, I am breathing through my nose with my mouth shut and it feels amazing! I am like a brand new Cornbread and I am looking for a brand new family who will let me sit in their laps. Hope that family is yours!

10/18/21 Update:  Hey there!  This is Cornbread checking in.  I have been spending my time with Dr. Larson and the crew, but decided it was a little crowded and wouldn’t you know, that blue van came to pick me up again.   This time she had her son with her and she said that I could go and stay with him while I healed up from my surgery.  When I was first brought to Dr. Larson’s office she was amazed at how handsome I was, and also what a hard time I had breathing.  She called Dr. Lay who said that I was the worst case he had ever seen, while I like being first, I certainly did not want to win that contest!

Anyway I am now with foster dad and mom and a short little lady that speaks with a French accent.  She is kinda stuck up, but I think that she is in awe of my handsomeness!  I am going to hang around here getting pampered and spoiled for awhile.  So you all pay attention, I am going to start looking at applications for adoption and you may be the lucky family that gets me!  Stay tuned!

12/13/21 Update:  Do you know what you want for Christmas? I sure do. I want my forever family. 

The other night, when my foster sister and I were talking about Christmas, that is what I told her that I wanted. She said not to worry. She knew something wonderful was going to happen to me because I am such a good boy. She really loves me a lot, (who doesn’t?), but I want my own Christmas miracle. 

I have been a very good boy. I walk on a leash and do my business outside. I love my fur sister and my hooman sister very much. I am a big boy and I do like to play. I also love my bed and mind my manners as much as I can.  

Hopefully, Santa can make my Christmas wish come true. Paws crossed I find my match!

1/3/22 Update:  I’m sure my forever family will find me soon. I keep dreaming of you.  I’m saying my prayers at night, knowing that my forever family will find me soon. Please hurry up, I have been a good boy waiting on you. My foster dad says that he will be heartbroken when you show up, but he will be soooo happy for me.