It was a match made in heaven…. Cuba cried and Cuba’s new mom, Tina, cried. It was love at first sight! 

Tina was so afraid that Cuba was not going to like her. Even though I assured her that Cuba has never met a stranger, Tina was still apprehensive. 

It’s easy to love everything about Cuba, but her personality, for sure, is the best. I always said Cuba came with Velcro because she must always be attached to her people.  

Today, Cuba earned her very own person who works from home. That means they can sit together 24/7. Cuba now has her own bedroom, lots of beds throughout the house and her very own personal assistant to make sure her life is amazing. 

Today, a piece of my heart moved south, but I am so excited that Cuba has found her forever home. Before long, Cuba will be coming back here to add a Bulldog brother to her home and what a wonderful home this will be!

Hello everyone it’s me Cuba and today was my big day! Today I joined rescue!  

If you are looking at my photo’s and thinking I look familiar it’s probably because I look like my mother Stacy who was in rescue. But now she has been adopted and she is as happy as can be. When my mom left the house and left me behind I was so sad.  She kept looking over her shoulder at me and I kept struggling to go with her but my Dad said “in due time.” And guess what? Today was my due time! 

I hopped in the truck and off we rode, and I never looked back. I have one thing on my mind, and that is climbing up on someone’s sofa and starting my new life wearing bows and tutu’s! 

I had one litter of bulldog babies and one litter was enough for me. There were a lot of them. There was a lot of feeding and cleaning and crying. So I told myself I was “one and done.”  I was a great mom though. Even my Dad noticed ever since my Mom left for rescue I was sad. I could not find my groove. My Dad thought if I had babies of my own I would not be so sad.  Babies didn’t help, I just was sad.  

Well that’s really all there is about me except when I have  surgery in the coming weeks, and I have healed, I will be looking through the applications and looking for me a fabulous family just like my Mom Stacy found so I can be happy as can be.

1/10/22 Update:  Morning everyone!  I hitched a ride to the clinic this morning and sat in Dr. Larsen’s lap. I told her all about my future and how she needed to fix me up fast so I could find a forever family. She showed me pics of my mom Stacy that she had taken with her phone and we went down memory lane.

Dr Larsen said I was a perfect 60 pounds and there was no need to think about a calorie reduction.  I wanted everyone to see me today so everyone would know that I am really a happy girl, really happy now that I am in rescue, sitting in the sun and dreaming about my future.  Love,  Cuba