Dancer has been adopted! From his foster momma: When our rescue group receives an application from former adopters, we get very excited because we know the applicant understands the process of adoption and what to expect. And when it was none other than Daisy Dot Dot Dorrito’s adoption family… WOW, we knew that we hit the jackpot! That little girl is spoiled, loved and so well taken care for, any of our Bulldogs
would be lucky to call these parent their own.

Last Sunday was Dancer’s lucky day when David, Cynthia and Daisy walked through our foster home just to meet him. And what a match it was! Our usual shy boy ran up to them as if he has known them forever. The sniffs and love ensued, even getting Daisy to jump up on the couch, which was a first for her! So last night was the night that Dancer, now Dak, has dreamed of. David and Cynthia came back to adopt their boy. Dak was so happy to see his new mom and dad, he pranced around, snuggled and showed them how to play tug with his toy. Dak will only know love, patience and joy the rest of his life and foster mom and dad couldn’t be more overjoyed. We will miss this little boy very much, but we know he is where he was meant to be.

Happy tails, little man… you are in our hearts forever.

Please welcome Dancer to rescue!  At the age of 6, Dancer has no sad tales. He’s just a brindle fella looking for a family that loves small guys with big personalities! Dancer was one of a big litter that all had Christmas names because that’s the time of the year they were born, Christmas time!  Dancer’s family had some life changes and knew that he needed more time than they were able to spend with him. Santa will be happy to see Dancer this year and Dancer already has his Christmas list made out for Santa!  First thing on his list: a fabulous family that loves a fabulous bulldog!

12/18/17 Update:  Dancer had a great first week in his foster home, getting to know all the ins and outs of a crazy foster household. He is getting along wonderfully with his foster brother and sisters, is perfectly house trained and loves his foster dad! Dancer is 6 years old and weighs in at 50 lbs, but foster ma is gonna work on upping that number! We have discovered that Dancer has a little separation anxiety and isn’t all that fond of a crate. But no worries ~ not an accident has been had or a shoe destroyed! Dancer will make a wonderful best friend for you!

1/1/18 Update:  I had a great week with my foster family and boy, has it been busy. All the holiday hub bub and I even got to have a meet-and-greet! I heard it was a hard decision, but I wasn’t choosen… THIS time. It was fun, though. More humans to play with and I got lots of scratches and love.

Otherwise, I’ve just been doing my thing. Chewing on toys, naps and snuggling with my humans. THAT is my favorite thing to do. Even if they get up and leave the room, I am hot on their heels, checking out what they are doing. You never know ~ I COULD be of assistance! I am house trained, leash trained and ready for my forever family!