Dee Dee wished for a family to call her own and today, her wish came true! She has a new family to love her unconditionally, including a new fur brother. Happy trails, sweet girl!

I thought Wednesday was going to be like any other Wednesday. I hopped up in the car to go to the Dairy Queen, but then I was surprised. I soon found myself at the local shelter. Yep, my family decided to drop me at the shelter.

The note on the kennel card said in bold letters, “Does Not Like Kids.” Hmmm…. do kids scare me? Do I scare kids? I am really small. I just can’t believe that I could scare anyone. But you never know.

I do know that I was really excited when the shelter reached out to rescue because I knew then I was going to be safe. Rescue will understand and accept the fact that I don’t like kids. They’ll find me a family without kids.

I am going to sit with Dr. Larsen on Tuesday so she can see what a beauty I am. I can hear her now telling me I am a little thick around the middle. That’s OK. Thick will save me if I slip and fall. Or when I play soccer.

6/30/20 Update:  Dee Dee is looking for her forever home ~ and she really deserves one! Dee Dee is a spunky little girl who loves to snuggle with her humans. She is truly a gentle soul who just wants to be loved. Could your home be the perfect place for Dee Dee? Her chosen forever family certainly will be lucky to have this girl!

7/3/20 Update:  When I see a human, I get so excited, I just can’t help myself. I run as fast as I can to anyone who comes to visit me, and then I jump up and down like a pogo stick. My foster mom tells me that’s not lady-like and I need to work on my manners. I will try really hard, but I’m not making any promises!

I love to snuggle with my foster mom and dad. They give the best belly rubs! I’m also very smart. I can sit, shake my paw, and give a high five when I’m focused, which is hard for me sometimes.

The other day, I asked my foster mom why my former family dropped me off at a scary shelter. She told me she wasn’t sure, but she had heard something about me not liking kids. That hurt my feelings! I just get super excited when I see humans, and sometimes, I can be a little rough, but I love my humans!

We came to an understanding that my new home doesn’t need small children, and I’m OK with that. Foster Mom says she knows my forever family is out there and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue will find my perfect match. In the meantime, I promise I will work on my manners.