I bet you were wondering what happened on my meet-and-greet a few weeks ago!  

Well, Foster Mom and I started the day out with spa treatments and packing a bunch of stuff for our road trip. I got to ride shotgun and that was fun. I would look out the window, stand and put my head on Foster Mom’s shoulder, switch gears on the car, shake – shake… etc.  

Finally, when I saw my family, I ran up to them and met my new baby brother, my big sister Alexis and my new mom and dad. I was so excited and they had a basket full of new things just for me. I gave Foster Mom a hug and kisses and I was on my way to my furever home.  

I am doing great in my new home and already have a splash pad!  

Thank you to everyone with Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, Dr. Larsen and her crew and my foster family. I’ll keep in touch.  

Hello everyone, Diego here!  I am the smallest of my brothers, but I have the biggest personality!

Dr. Larsen said other than a little dry skin I look amazing!  I do enjoyed being carried to the rescue wagon because no one had ever taught me how to walk on a leash. All the way to the clinic I laid with my head in the rescue lady’s lap. It was wonderful. After all, she was the keeper of the chicken nuggets! I had never had chicken nuggets but I found that I do love chicken nuggets and I do love rescue.  

This coming week I will have surgery and then I will be looking thru the applications to find me a fabulous family that will spend a lot of time with me teaching me everything about how to be part of a family. My name is Diego and I am 1 year and 2 months old.

6/9/22 Update:   I moved into my foster home on Friday and I have been a good boy.  

I know that I may look like I’m mean because of my “serious eyebrows,” but I am really a sweet goofy puppy! 

Foster Mom says I have to limit my playtime as I still have stitches, but I have been very curious.  One day, I thought I would help out Foster Mom with the laundry and I wanted to make sure the dryer was working. 

I sleep in my crate at night without any issues and am learning some manners.  

If you are looking for a helpful, loving pup, I may be your perfect match.

6/21/22 Update:   It’s a “roll-around” Wednesday for me! It’s way too hot outside, so I had to do my rolling early this morning.  

I have been in my foster home for almost two weeks now and things are going well. The resident Scottie has been showing me the ropes and corrects me when I am doing something wrong. That’s mostly chewing or getting things that are not dog toys.  

Foster Mom removed my stitches from the harvest, but I continue to have medicated baths. I will continue to be a good boy and just hang out until my furever family finds me!

7/9/22 Update:  I am so excited… tomorrow I have a meet-and-greet with a family!

Foster Mom has been telling me about it all week and she is packing my bags, in case everything works out. She has no doubt that they will love me. 

They have had Bulldogs before and miss the snuggles and snoring! I don’t snore, but I am the best snuggler. I have spent the week snuggling with Foster Mom and sunning, always making sure to roll over to warm both sides.

Wish me luck!