Dozer has been adopted!  Dozer had a VERY exciting weekend. Yesterday, his new furever family came to visit and meet him. He put on his best Bulldog face and of course, it was love at first sight. Today, he went home. He was so excited, he almost pushed his new big brother out of the car to jump on in. Dozer is super excited to announce he has gained a big brother and a little sister, along with two hooman siblings. It’s mixed emotions over here for this first time foster mama, but I know he will be so loved and spoiled. Congratulations to sweet Dozer!

Please welcome Dozer to our rescue family!

He writes: They call me Stud Muffin, but you can just call me Stud. I am a playful and fun-loving 3-year-old and I enjoy kids of all ages. My short life has been a blast with my family. I have learned so much from them and will miss them so. But life goes on. They have too much going on in their busy lives to give me the attention I need. First up, I need to tell you I don’t eat chicken. No way, no how! You should see what that nasty bird does to my beautiful fur. Not a big fan or potatoes either. And don’t try to get me to take a pill with peanut butter. Do you really eat this stuff that just hangs to the top of your mouth like glue? I also have some other allergies and take medicine for them. And did I tell you, I snore really loud?

OK, so some might think I am high maintenance. Well, others will tell you I am a perfect-looking and acting Bulldog. I am worth a little extra trouble and pampering. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out that application today. Someone lucky is going to be matched to this Stud Muffin.

7/18/18 Update:  He adores kids! He is so kind and gentle, especially to the baby. When he cries, Dozer gives him these tiny sweet kisses. It’s the sweetest. I hope he finds a home with kiddos.

7/25/18 Update:  This morning felt great! It wasn’t too hot, so Foster Momma said we could go for our FIRST walk! I would prefer a ride in the Jeep. I ask all the time, but they say it’s been too hot for me. But I did my exercise this morning followed by cold fresh water. Foster Momma says I am so good on a leash. Ahh, fresh air!

8/1/18 Update:  Dozer here!! Still loving life with all my little hoomans. Foster mama says I am the best on a leash so she lets the little hoomans walk me in the morning and we have so much fun! I am now able to play with the other pups and we have a blast! Oh and I am becoming a pup full of manners. Foster mum says I’m doing great at my training! She calls me the best boy. I don’t like it when foster dad has to work though so I sit by his door patiently waiting for him to come out and play with me again.