8/6/16:  We are very sad to announce that sweet Ella died during the night and was found the next morning by her family. They are just heartbroken Remember them in your thoughts and prayers.

Ella has been ADOPTED!! (3/12/16)  From her foster momma: Lil miss Ella found the perfect forever home. Her new family drove all the way from Lubbock, Texas, to give this lil miss the home the home she deserves. She now has a furbrother and and a 2-legged brother. She is the most lucky lil Bulldog! Her 2-legged brother could hardly wait for me to get her out of the car. He saw her and it was love at first sight. Then, her mom saw her and she was so excited.

Ella is a 4 year old, 55 pound  girl with some serious medical problems.

She was picked up as a stray, but the shelter reps found that she was microchipped. Thankfully, the family decided against retrieving Ella, due to the medical care she desperately needs.

Her tail is an infected, horrific mess, and must be incredibly painful. We’re told she has only one eye and the other one is white, perhaps from dry eye. Both of her back knees also appear to be injured and her steps are quite slow.

We will certainly keep you posted on her progress.

1/31/16 Update:  Her infection is just about under control. She can see a little and with a little bit of eye surgery she may regain most of her sight. She will have surgery next week and then off to a foster to learn about love and comfort.

2/4/16 Update:   Ella is recovering from her spay, tail amputation and entropion procedures. Many thanks to our supporters who have donated to offset Ella’s vet bills. Because of you, Ella is on the road to recovery. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts.

2/21/16 Update: We are excited that Ella is out of the clinic and recovering in her new foster home. Ella is looking and feeling so much better! She was in bad shape when she came into rescue and had to spend three weeks at our vet’s clinic. Thank you all for sending her your well wishes!

2/24/16 Update:  Poor little girl. She really doesn’t do much. She sleeps most of the time. We have discovered that she is hard of hearing. You have to be in front of her for her to hear you. She is horrified to go out to potty after dark. We believe it is because she can’t see very well and even though our dogs are with her, she is still very stubborn about it. You have to pick her up, as she is not about to go otherwise. She will sit down and you could pull her down the block, and she wouldn’t get up. LOL
Now during the day when it is sunny and warm, she will lay out all day on the patio and snooze and move around and explore. She is very quiet. She really doesn’t play, or chew on anything. But she has destroyed her bed already. She is good with our pups. Nothing seems to bother her. She gets medicine in her eyes 2x a day and is good about it.
She still holds up that one back leg from time to time, so I know it has to bother her