We could not be happier to announce that we have officially adopted Esther! This sweet girl stole our hearts the day she came in as one of the Freedom Four. From the moment Esther met us, she has shown us nothing but love and appreciation. We are absolutely thrilled that we are now her furever family.

Welcome Miss Esther to Rescue. After a lifetime of breeding, she is retired for life!

10/9/16 Update:  Esther has just been an overall joy to have as a house guest. She is house trained, and has great manners. She does okay in her crate, but it’s not her favorite place to be. She loves to follow us around the house wherever we go. She craves constant attention and loves her belly rubs. She has also claimed her own spot on the couch. Overall, Esther is just so happy to be out of the environment from which she came.

10/25/16 Update:  What is not to love about this sweet senior bully? Esther does nothing but show us love and appreciation 24/7. She can never get enough attention. We take her on a very short walk on a daily basis, but she can only make it about half way down our street before she’s ready to turn around. Esther is an overall wonderful house guest that we love having around.

11/13/16 Update:  Esther is having a great time with us, and we love having her around. She is such a happy girl. Her tail goes crazy every time we even glance at her. She loves all of the attention she is getting, and is not shy to ask for some belly rubs. She does have some skin allergies, but thanks to Dr W. we are able to keep them under control. She really enjoys car rides, short walks, taking a nap on our laps, and following us around the house wherever we go. For the most part she is house trained, but does have the rare accident every couple of weeks. Esther gets along great with our 2 bulldogs, and does great with kids. Stay tuned for more updates.

12/4/16 Update:  Esther continues to be a great house guest. She enjoyed spending Thanksgiving in a warm, loving home. She even got to try a little bit of turkey! Now, she is helping us put up Christmas decorations.