Etta Jane

Etta Jane

Etta Jane has been adopted! From her foster/furever momma: Etta Jane is the newest member of the Jackson family! We fostered Etta Jane before adopting her. We knew the first day she came to live with us she wasn’t ever leaving.

Her new family consists of Christy, oldest brother Henry (Lab 16 yrs.), brother Finn (Bulldog 1 1/2 yrs), brother Louie (French Bulldog 1 1/2 yrs.) and an older sister, Lola Louise (Bulldog 12 yrs.). She also has a human sibling, Jevin, and his Bulldog baby, her cousin (Zeus 13 yrs.).

Etta may have been a wonderful mother in the past, but those days are gone. Now, her days are spent playing, sleeping, eating, wading in the pool, but most of all, just being our girl and getting all the love and attention she deserves.

Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for finding our girl and bringing her home to us.

Hello all my bulldog friends. It’s me Miss Etta Jane joining rescue this week! And I have had a fabulous time so far.  Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself. A couple week ago I was in the back yard playing “Red Rover, Red Rover let Etta Jane come over” and I took off running full Etta Jane speed and of all things I fell face down in a hole in the yard. Nope, I did not see that hole but my front elbow sure felt the pain. Now I am walking with a limp but have started to recover nicely.  I have been with Dr. Larsen a few days doing some lap sitting and having laser therapy on my elbow.  Also, I am taking a small pill for pain and a joint supplement. Everything has really started to help.  

And then it happened, Dr. Larsen told my foster Mom she was putting ME on a diet!! What, Etta Jane on a DIET?  Well I jumped out of her lap and headed to the nearest treat jar and started packing up some treats to store in my kennel for a late night snack. Diets are not for me so what in the world am I supposed to do? I have a little surgery scheduled in the future, a little nip tuck here and there, and then I will be looking thru the applications for my family. I am 4 years old,  I am a huge fan of sofa’s, lap sitting, and snacks.  I have always had a family that LOVED me to pieces, had great vet care, and got to ride around town in a red convertible now and then. So, that’s about all there is to know about me—except diets don’t work for me!