It’s not a foster fail; it’s a foster success for this foster mom! This big, gentle, loving boy is perfect for my Bulldog family. His easygoing manner is calming for all.


I remember the day I left home. It was Mother’s Day and I thought I would take a walk.  Someone should have told me this bulldog was not made for walking and when it got hot that day and I got turned around  all I could do was sit down. Nothing looked familiar, house after house after house. I figured after I was gone long enough my family would start looking for me. Well I was wrong. I just sat on the sidewalk until someone noticed and called animal control.  

It was great at the shelter. They cooled me off, calmed me down and waited for my family to come. Well, you guessed it  no family came.   Everyone was shocked. I am absolutely stunning, but still they never came.  

My eye’s need some attention as they are really dry and really seem to make me squint a lot. I will be excited when I sit with Dr. Larsen so she can see how stunning I am.

I am still hopeful that my family is missing me and find me in rescue. I do know they loved me. My fur is like silk and I am wearing a nice collar.  So, if you see a family missing a bulldog, show them my pictures. Maybe they have been trying to find me.

My name is Fargo and I feel like I am around 4 years old.  If my family doesn’t find me send in an application. You will just love me!

7/4/22 Update:  It was love at first sight when I met Fargo, and it only gets better. This handsome big boy is calm and easy going. When he arrived this week at his foster home, he instantly became part of the pack. He has a playful side and a loving side.  Fargo will need eye medication daily, but that is easy and quick to give. If you want a loving companion, Fargo may be your guy.