Fester and Denali Daphne officially became brother and sister. They weren’t supposed to be pair, but when they met in their foster home it was all play and snuggles from there.
It was definitely love at first sight with their new family. Both smothered everyone with big sloppy kisses. Their new skin brother immediately got on the floor and was bombarded with Bulldog slobber and butt wiggles.
Fester and Denali are going off to live at the beach with their new mom, dad and skin brother and will have the happiest of lives.


My name is Fester and I am 18 months old. My mom had another older dog who was not a bulldog and his name was Lurch. So when I came along she named me Fester. Can you guess what TV show she liked?

But mom lost her job and our house. She has been doing what they call “couch surfing” for a while and taking us along. She decided it was not good for us, so she gave Lurch to a friend and me to rescue. She knew only a bulldog rescue could really appreciate how perfect I am.

I have had a problem with cherry eye before and it is trying to come back. Otherwise I am in pretty good shape. I am young, big (around 60 pounds), and love to play. 

I sure hope mom was right. She cried today, hugged me one last time, and told me how special I was. Then she said rescue would find me another home just perfect for me. Could that be yours? Do you think you would be a good match for me?

10/20/20 Update:  Fester is your typical male puppy. He has a lot of energy, but can also be super sweet and snuggly. Fester loves playing with other dogs. He hasn’t shown too much interest in toys because he is always so busy playing with his foster siblings and foster parents.

Fester loves to sit on your feet and stare up at you with his ridiculously cute face. It’s really hard to say no to this boy!