Fritz (now Bailey)

Fritz (now Bailey)

Well, it’s official… Bailey, formerly known as Fritz, has taken off to live the good life, down south in Pflugerville with his new Bulldog sister Abby. Bailey will be doted on big time and want for nothing. I’ll miss that guy. He was the most loving, calmest Bulldog I’ve ever met.

There are a lot of sad stories in the big city. But mine was not all that sad and it is about to get a whole lot better!

My new name is Fritz and I just joined rescue. I am only two years old, but my old family just couldn’t seem to keep my skin issues and other things under control. They also found out I have heartworms. But they wanted to give me a chance at a better life with someone who could afford to give me the proper care. So they decided to give me to the shelter who called rescue. And here I am!

I loved my Uber ride to the shelter. The driver was so nice! And the people at the vet have treated me like a prince. I know I will be here for a while getting my eyes and skin looked at and those pesky heartworms killed. But it won’t be long before I am a new Bulldog and ready to tackle the big world that is waiting for me. 

So get those adoption applications submitted. You can’t be matched with a boy like me unless you apply.

2/3/19 Update:  This guy is just fantastic! He loves life and enjoys being with family. What a massive beautiful face he has. He runs out the doggy door when he KNOWS it’s playtime… and will settle in with you on the couch or bed when it’s sleepy time. He waits patiently when meals are being prepped (better than my jumping, barking fools…lol). He’s just a joy to have around. Lots of moxy in this guy and he turns heads with his Bulldog strut! Fritz needs to find his forever family so he can share his love.