George Strait

George Strait

Adoptions are always emotional. This one was especially so, because George Strait found the family I have been praying for. A dad and mom who will love him like no other. Three active skin brothers and one sister. And a Bulldog brother, Toby, and two cats to play with. I could not ask for anything more. George and Toby met yesterday and started out slow, but warmed up to one another. I think they will be good friends. But watching him and the kids made all the difference for me. He was in love and it showed. This is why we do what we do! Doesn’t get any better. I love you so much, George Strait! I am so glad we could find you such a wonderful family.

I bet you thought I would have a guitar and a cowboy hat, but nope, not today! And really, I am more like a rock ‘n’ roll kind of fella anyway. But, let me tell you all about myself. I am a youngster ~ 9 months old! Yep, I grew big and thick and beautiful in 9 short months. My life has been amazing and my family has taken such great care of me. I have always been loved. So, I bet you’re wondering why I am looking for another fabulous family. Well, that’s simple. In my other home was a large lady named Elsa. Elsa has big teeth… big, white teeth. And wow, could she run fast with those teeth clinched right after me. Every day, the same thing: big white teeth coming right at me. Elsa had some manners training, but so much for Elsa and her training. You can’t teach a old dog new tricks, and Elsa is a old dog. I really am thankful that I am here and Elsa is there. I am thankful that Elsa can rest in peace and not be on the constant search for me with those white teeth glowing. I love all dogs with fur, I love all kids, and I love people and attention. My name is George Strait, and I am a legend!

10/15/10 Update:  George Strait here, and I am ready to party! The folks here at the clinic keep calling me Rowdy, but my name is George! But I admit I do like to run and have fun. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in having fun, I just run over people.

They say I need to calm down, but I’m just a puppy learning the ways of the Bulldog world. I guess I need someone to take me home and show me the right way for a Bulldog to behave. That won’t be easy for me or them, but I’m willing to give it a try if you are.

10/22/17 Update:  George Strait made it to our house Thursday night and settled right in. He is a big puppy in all the good ways. He is completely potty trained and leash trained. He doesn’t seem to be interested in chewing on things he shouldn’t, which is a big difference from the other puppies we have had in the past.

He loves to be around his humans. He loves to play with the other dogs. He doesn’t seem to be too interested in playing with toys, but we will work on that. He is already big, and we know he still has some growing to do. But his growth from now on will mostly be in getting thicker and having a more refined Bulldog look. For someone looking for a sweet young dog who will love them for years to come, George is a great match.

11/5/17 Update:  George Strait continues to impress his foster mom and dad. He is such a sweet and affectionate young boy. He will climb in your lap as soon as you sit down. If you will allow him, he will smother you with kisses. He is still young and has some learning to do. If he is in his crate, he will tell you when he needs to go outside. But if he is roaming the house with his foster brothers, he sometimes gets too busy playing and forgets to tell you. He reminds me of most children when they are learning. We just have to remember to stop the playing long enough to take him outside.

He had a blast at Bull-O-Ween and met so many wonderful people and Bulldogs. He loved them all! He seems to be gentle with small children, but loves to run and play with older ones. He is our best foster dog ever, as far as getting along so well with our dogs.I think he has all the makings of being your best dog ever too!

11/26/17 Update:  I have a very important date coming up and I want you to help me. On December 12, I will be 1 year old! What does this guy want for his very first birthday? Why, I want my very own family to take me home with them! Yep, I want nothing more than to be adopted and come live with you!

Foster Dad calls me his “little buddy.” I love to shadow his every step inside and outside. We take long walks through the neighborhood and meet people, other dogs and even cats and I love them all. I never have an accident in the house, and I love being outside the time of the year. I also love to run and play with my foster brothers. Foster Mom says we can get a little wild. But we are all young pups. So I am getting my bags packed and ready to go. Foster Dad says my birthday will be here real soon, and I just know some nice family will take me home to live with them. No big, beautiful Bulldog should ever spend his first birthday without a real family. Will you make my birthday wishes come true?