Ghost (now Moose)

Ghost (now Moose)

The day has come…. Ghost has been adopted! His new family drove to pick him up yesterday. Ghost will have two fur siblings and an awesome mom and dad. There were lots of butt wiggles when they came to get him. He will get lots of treats, walks and a warm bed for snuggles. Happy adoption day, Ghost!

Ghost is my name, and for Halloween I got tricked! My family decided they could not properly care for me any longer so they took me to the shelter.

I was crushed, but at just over a year old, I am sure I will bounce back quickly. My family took good care of me, but could not afford my upkeep. There was also the problem of an active puppy in a small apartment that began to wear on them. No hard feelings, but I am ready to move on.

I am headed to see the bulldog doctor and have my nasty cherry eye fixed. I will get all checked out and have some other things done. What is a neuter, anyway? I also have some minor skin issues to be addressed. I love to run and play. I know to go outside to do my business (most of the time). I enjoy being around and playing with other dogs.

So I should be ready to be adopted real soon. After having been tricked, I cannot wait to be treated!

1/7/22 Update:  Hey friends, Ghost here.  I arrived in my new foster home this week and I’m loving life.  Everyone here is really nice.  They have been teaching me to mind my manners and the rules of the house.  My foster dad is my favorite human of the bunch.  He takes me for a nice walk every morning so I can burn some energy.  (I have lots of it!!).  He even took me for a ride in the truck and we went to a store named Cabela’s.  I met so many people who loved me!!!  I’m a young guy and am looking for a family who can spend time with me and help me continue to be a good pup.  I’m house and crate trained.  I am very eager to please.  I LOVE to play!  Maybe I’ll see ya around at Cabela’s sometime.  Bye for now!