Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers has found her forever family! Misty and her son, Cole, first met Ginger at The Station Patio Icehouse event in Keller and fell instantly in love. They’ve been patiently waiting for their application to be approved, while hoping that Ginger would still be available, and their prayers were answered! This sweet family is so excited to have their first Bulldog and have many adventures planned. I think I even heard plans of building stairs next to beds. 😊 Happy life, sweet Ginger. Your foster pops will miss his football watching buddy, but we know you are already so loved and will live happily ever after!

Please welcome 4-year-old Ginger Rogers to our rescue family! She writes: I had a great family with kids, another Bulldog and a Frenchie thing that could run like the wind, but I just felt like I needed more. The kids were getting older and they had their own friends. I found myself alone a lot and I missed my family time. I was excited when my family realized I’m a social butterfly. They asked me if I wanted to find a family that had more time for me.

Saying our goodbyes was hard on everyone, but I have big plans in store for me. I am looking for a active family with kids, or without. A family with other dogs would be a plus, too. My biggest requirement is that I get to be a part of the family… part of trips… part of play dates… just part of everything.

I walk great on a leash, I have wonderful manners and I have never been in a crate. I can roam freely around your house and never bother anything. I have a little surgery on the books and then I will be ready for my family!

9/23/19 Update:  Ginger Rogers and I are definitely in tune! I was a dance instructor for 32 years, so her name made us instant friends.  The time with her has been an emotional one for me.  From the time we first stepped out into the back yard she never took her eyes off me.  It was as if

she was saying ” Please Notice Me”!  I realized she needed more from me than just walking around the yard.  So, I sat down on the ground and she immediately crawled in my lap and began licking my face.  She rolled over and wanted her belly rubbed.  She then jumped up, ran a circle around me and was back in my lap.  It was like she was saying “Thank You for Seeing Me”.

Ginger is 4 Yrs. old and seems to have had puppies several times, but never got to be a puppy.  For the first time in her 4 years of living she is learning it can be all about her.  All the attention, kindness, fun and love just for her.  Sweet doesn’t even begin describe this girl.  She’s a girl who has never been the one picked for a team or red rover or to sit with someone at the lunch table.  That’s why she never takes her eyes off of you, hoping you will notice her and show her some attention.  Ginger is the kind of baby that will cuddle on the couch or sit in a big chair on the patio with you when you have your morning coffee. She’s the one who will lay at your feet under your desk while you work from home, anything to be close to you.  She’s a lonely girl who needs a family to pick her for their team.  I’ve promised her you are out there and she’s waiting for you.

10/10/19 Update:    I want to update you on all the wonderful things that have happened to me since joining rescue six weeks ago. First of all, I got to stay at Dr. Larsen’s medical clinic for some R&R and extra special attention from everyone there. And this really nice volunteer named Christy came and visited me. She hugged and kissed me, and made me feel so special. And then on Saturday, I was picked up from the clinic by these two really nice volunteers named Traci and The Dog Uber. They took me to a party at The Station Patio Icehouse in Keller, where there were so many people and Bulldogs. And boy did I P A R T Y! I made sure every single person there met me and saw how sweet I am. And after I partied my cute little Bulldog bum until I was pooped, I got to go home to my new foster home! And guess what? I love it here! I love everything about it. I love my foster fur brother and sisters and the cats and the chickens and the horses and my soft bed and my crate and my mom… but most of all, I love my foster pop. I figured out how to climb up in his lap when he’s in his chair and that’s where I get special loves, rubs and hugs until we both fall asleep. Foster Ma told me that there are forever families with homes just like this looking for a special, loving, sweet Bulldog girl and I want everyone to know that I’M HERE waiting for them to find me!