Gracie Christine

Gracie Christine

Gracie Christine has been adopted!  We know that some adoptions were just meant to be. Today, Gracie Christine met her “meant to be.” Last February, Justin and Amanda adopted Hudson (Nora’s foster dog) and today, they made a trip back to Texas to add Gracie to their family. The two of them played for an hour like they were old friends.

Gracie will have the wonderful forever home she deserves. Hudson will have the playmate he has been wanting, and Justin and Amanda will have the world’s best snuggle buddy to sit between them. It is truly a happily-ever-after story.

Gracie Christine is a beautiful and compact 14 month old, 46 pound girl. She came from a most loving family and has been extremely well cared for. Her parents had owned several bulldogs through the years and are very devoted to the breed. But when they suddenly lost an older bulldog last year, they too soon made an emotional decision to get a puppy. They had a puppy before, but they are much older now, and they have encountered some health issues this past year. It has been increasingly difficult for them to meet the needs of a growing puppy.

That is why they reached out to rescue. Many tears were shed today. But they know in their heart, they did the best thing for Gracie. She needs a young family with children who can take her on walks and run and play in the yard.  Gracie has all the energy of a puppy. She has already been spayed and microchipped. She came with tubs of toys, treats, dog food, blankets and her crate. She has already been to the rescue vet and checked out and is in her foster home for an evaluation.

12/26/17 Update:  Gracie just happens to be the prettiest and sweetest girl ever! Her foster dad might be just a little prejudiced where this girl is concerned. She is still a high energy puppy, but she is well behaved in spite of all that energy. She does pretty well on a leash and at sitting for her treats. She is house and crate trained.

She was somewhat shy the first few days in her foster home, but that soon changed. She was accustomed to a calm home with no other dogs. She is having a blast now with her new young foster brothers. Even though one is twice her size, she holds her own when it comes to play. Sometimes I think the play will never stop, and then suddenly the play stops and the snoring of recovery begins.

Someone will be very lucky to take this beauty into their home!