Gunner has been adopted! From his foster pops: You heard it right everyone! Gunner took a nice, low key trip down to Houston today to be reunited with his new family. Brenda and Jeff have been waiting patiently for the test results from Gunner’s vet. It came back all clear and now he is enjoying the good life! He is welcomed by his new fur sister, Poppy, and two not so furry other siblings. He isn’t going to have a care in the world, except for choosing which room to sleep in. We are so excited as his foster parents that he found his match. It was hard letting him go and it was a tear jerker for us. We held each other outside after leaving his beautiful new home and assured each other it was his time. He was in rescue for 6 months and we loved every second of it. We will see each other again soon, Gunner. Until then be loved, nap, and snore, my friend.

Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue was contacted by a friend who had a friend in bad physical shape. She needed to rehome her two Bulldogs. The woman has to have her fifth back surgery this month and she could no longer take proper care of her two Bulldogs. The owner is a delightful woman who absolutely adores these dogs. They are her family, and this decision was extremely hard for her to make. But ultimately, she knew she was no longer in a position to give them the care they need and deserve. There have been tears shared over the phone and hugs and tears shared in person during this difficult surrender.

Sassy is 6 years old and weighs 46 pounds. She will need to be spayed, be treated for a UTI and have a mass removed. Gunner is 5 years old and weighs 48 pounds. He needs to be neutered and continue taking phenobarbital twice, a day for seizures. Thankfully, he has been seizure-free for years. Sassy and Gunner have never met a stranger and love all things with fur. They are potty trained also. We would like them to be adopted together because they have always been together. After watching them for just a bit, it is easy to see how bonded they are.

1/29/17 Update:  We have had a relaxing week. Sassy went to get her stitches out last week and Dr. W said she looked amazing. We finally got to take a bath this morning. Getting rubbed and scrubbed is our thing. It is taking us a little while to get used to all my new foster brothers and sisters. We like our space, but this house I’m in has awesome media chairs. Most of the time we get our own chairs. Doing better on not having any accidents in our crates. Cuddle time is great! Exploring this new home is fun and the treats aren’t too bad. LOL Just kidding… they taste delicious! Had our first photo shoot with my foster pops. Tell me what you think. Please fill out an application if you want to adopt or provide a foster home for others like us.

2/8/17 Update:  I have had an awesome week! It’s been a little exhausting being the guard dog of my foster home. My foster pops got a great deal on our yummy food; so I made it a point to protect it. I made some new friends at the Super Bowl party we had. Don’t let my handsome face fool you because you won’t get past me to get any of our food. I’m short and stocky, just like the ladies like. No fat on my buff body. I do enjoy snuggle time and will try to lick your face off, if you let me. Keep me in mind if you are looking for a stud muffin. Please share my story so I can find a furever home.

3/3/17 Update:  I am doing great!!!  I finally have my foster maw wrapped around my paw.  It’s like clock work when I give her these eyes she wants nothing more than to put me in her lap.  I am just so dang cuddly if I say so myself.  I tend to sneeze sometimes and accidentally get it on my foster parents.  Luckily they laugh about it so I smile and give ‘em kisses.  I tend to snore like a mini jack hammer.  I am a little attached to my foster pops.  No matter where he goes in the house I am his wingman.  He knows I am a reliable companion.  Hopefully I can be yours.  Fill out an application and we can meet some day.  I need a nap so I will check back in soon.

3/20/17 Update:  Gunner reporting in: I am a lovable Bully!! I crave a lap where I can cuddle up and fall asleep. Usually, I can snore though anything (LOL). I have an adorable face and big brown eyes. Sometimes you will find me just sitting against the wall watching my other foster siblings play. I’m a lover not a fighter. Being the center of attention is what I’m all about. My sister Sassy is my best friend. We always have to be within 3 feet of each other it seems. Hopefully we can find a family that will embrace us both.

3/26/17 Update:  I have had an awesome week!  The weather man finally listened to me and made it pleasant outside.  I have soaked up plenty of sun.  It’s been an eventful week; as I have said goodbye to to of my foster brothers Diesel and Nicholas.  Now I get to stay out with the ladies of the house all day.  Very excited to play and roam free a little.  Looking forward to the continuous mild temperature.  Hope you enjoy my pics this week.  I might have a family interested in my sister Sassy and myself.  Keeping our paws crossed to find our furever family.

4/16/17 Update:  Little brother Gunner checking in. I have been living the good life lately. Getting to take a bath is my FAVORITE! I learned to turn on my back and my foster pops will hold my head above water. Oh, and the belly rubs that follow are a dream. It’s been nice to sleep in my foster parents’ bedroom with my new fosters Bea and Herky. I steal Herky’s bed sometimes, but he doesn’t mind. I love sun bathing, if you can tell. My foster pops makes me get in the shade after 5-10 mins. Sometimes, I feel he is over protective of me. I got some grilled chicken with my meals this week and it’s soooo good! Here are some pics of me, as usual. Please share my story so my sister and I can find a furever home.

5/1/17 Update:  Gunner exudes confidence in everything he does. Be it sitting while sunbathing, getting dinner prepared for his co-fosters, or making sure everyone is in the bathroom for baths. He doesn’t mind taking the lead. Seeing his loving personality that yearns for attention is his best quality. He is so cuddly and has handsome markings. Laying by your feet or on your lap isn’t a problem for him. He is a foodie for sure and never has a problem cleaning his bowl. Unfortunately, he has a little hearing problem, but he understands any routine you give him. I’m sure his furever family is right around the corner. Please share his story.

5/30/17 Update:  I am living it up in my foster home! Getting spoiled, as usual, and I love guarding my foster pops. These other guys and gals need to understand: I NEED his attention! You think they would have learned by now. I’m his wingman. Everywhere he goes, I have to follow. You never know if something might get him … but whatever it is has another thing coming. He thanks me by rolling me over and gives me belly rubs until I fall asleep. I’m a laid-back kind of guy. Sun bathing outside is my favorite thing. I don’t like that my foster pops wakes me up constantly to get me to go back inside for a while. He thinks I get hot quickly, but I have slimmed down for the summertime. Check out my beach body.

7/11/17 Update:  Gunner checking in. Hopefully, this will be my last weekly update in foster care. I had an awesome meet and greet on Saturday. I met my potential new sister Poppy. She is a little ol’ thing 🙂 I have my final vet appointment on Thursday. Keeping my paws crossed that I have an all clear. If so, my new home will be in Houston. My foster pops is so attached to me, but knows I would love a home of my own. If everything goes good, my next pics will be of my adoption day! Please keep me in your thoughts for an all clear from my vet visit.