Hazel (now Midge Maisel)

Hazel (now Midge Maisel)

Hazel now has the home she has always wanted and deserved. Hazel had her bag packed and she was ready to go. She will have a skin brother and sister and two fur siblings. Hazel was so loved and will be missed by her foster family, but she knew this was her family the moment she saw them. Hazel has playmates and lots of hugs and pets in her future. We’re so happy for this girl and her forever family!

Beautiful Hazel. That is what I hear everywhere I go. Gosh, if only I could sit still long enough to tell people about myself. One thing I know is that I have a lot of energy.

I joined rescue with London Lilly and oh my goodness, did we have a great time playing chase, playing hide and seek, and playing ball. I can run like the wind. I can jump like a kangaroo. What I can’t do is sit, stay or shake. But I can run! And I love to run.

I sat with Dr. Larsen yesterday and, all and all, it went well. I thought. Looking in my ears might have been a challenge because I thought she wanted me to lick her face. And I did lick her face!

I probably should have had a manicure before I jumped up in Dr. Larsen’s lap because while I was dancing around in her lap, I might have scratched her a time or two. Good thing Dr. Larsen loved me because she sure looked exhausted after my examination.

I am only 3 years old, so I consider myself active. Very active. Like toddler active. I hope my energy level does not scare you away. All I need is a family to help me learn to be a great Bulldog.

My other family went their separate ways and all I had was London Lilly to play with so it might take me a while for me to to settle down. I still need to learn to walk, not run, and that leaping through the air is not the right thing for a lady to do. But I am willing to learn.

10/16/19 Update:  Foster girl Hazel has left the clinic and is learning how to enjoy a home environment.  She is learning to be polite around other dogs and little humans but sometimes her energy gets the best of her.

Hazel is an active bully girl and at 3 years old still has puppy energy.  Having been crated much of her life, everything is new to her.  Hazel still cannot believe there are places to roam outside a crate.  She tries so very hard to bring her excitement down a notch but sometimes she just cannot help herself.

Hazel is a beautiful tri color girl…carmel, chocolate and marshmallow, yummy colors.  Her fur is getting thicker and shiny.  At first Hazel was terrified of the dog brush.  Now she loves nothing better than sitting down for a brushing.  She also loves getting scrubbed in her bath. Hazel has had no accidents in the house.  She goes out several times a day and likes for her human to accompany her.   She doesn’t mind her crate for sleeping since she is used to a crate but she needs to acclimate herself to a home as well.  Hazel will lay down quietly at times but energetic is definitely her personality.

We are still working on the leash training.  Hazel thinks she can just race off anywhere so a harness and a strong grip on her leash is a must.

And toys…for a dog who has not had toys, Hazel loves them all.  All toys are hers.  Watching her playing with toys for the first time ever is heartwarming.

10/22/19 Update:  Foster girl Hazel got glammed up for her Fall/Halloween photo shoot. Hazel did amazing considering her energy level.  Staying still is not one of her tricks.

At 3 years old Hazel has spent a lot of time in a kennel and has had some babies too. As a result of being cooped up so much Hazel is inquisitive and energetic.  She is starved for love and attention and is definitely a velcro dog.  She loves people but needs to learn some manners too.  In spite of her small stature, she can be a bit much around little people.

Hazel does love some peaceful time in her kennel too and prefers to sleep there at night.  She also likes toys even though toys are new to her.  And food…Hazel adores food.  Good thing as she could stand to gain a few pounds.  Yummy treats and good meals are new to her.  Hazel is fed separately from her fur siblings as she thinks all food is hers.

More to come on this sweet girl as she navigates her way to the good life.

11/15/19 Update:  Hazel is anticipating her first holiday season in a home and she likes it. Hazel is only 3 and has a lot of energy, but she is learning acceptable behavior.

Hazel met Mr. Turkey and warmed up to him after getting over her initial fear. Hazel only barked at him, so he was safe. She is learning no one or nothing will harm her.

The warm spell was a welcome time for Hazel, as she could take walks and do her backyard zoomies. Hazel would love a family that is up for a game of fetch and hugs. Hazel is a hugger and loves to be touched.