On Saturday, sweet little man Henry was adopted. His new mom had to wait all week to come up to meet her new Bulldog baby and the day couldn’t get here fast enough for the meet! Henry just wiggled his adorable little tush and a love match was made. His new momma brought him all sorts of goodies, including cute collars, leashes and a fluffy pillow to lay on for the way back home. She even had a lovely and thoughtful basket of goodies for us, as a token of her apprecation for taking care of him.

Taking care of Henry these past three months was a complete joy and we will sure miss him. We are so grateful that Henry’s mom found Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and Henry. He will live like the king he was meant to be. Happy tails, baby boy.

Hello friends, it’s me Henry! The first pics are me at the shelter waiting and looking for my family, the ones that lost me. The family that never came for me.  It was the strangest thing. I have a microchip. I thought they would come get me, but they never came. Could the fact that I had lot’s of fleas, a lot of skin problems, an ear infection, and eye problems be the reason my family did not come for me?  Well, better days ahead now.  The shelter called rescue and they were excited to come pick me up. I am now with Dr. Larsen and I am on the road to recovery.  Next time you see me I will be growing back the missing hair, my ears will be better and I will be able to see. So, this thing called rescue certainly works great for me.  My name is Henry, so don’t forget to watch for updates about me!

Update:  Following Henry’s initial check it was also determined that he is heartworm positive and will have to undergo treatment in a few weeks.

11/6/18 Update:  Henry has had a great first week in his foster home.  He is such a tiny little boy at the moment, but we are definitely working on getting some much needed pounds on this boy.  Good thing he loves to eat!  For the next month, getting Henry healthy is our top priority.  Then back to the clinic for his heart worm treatment, 30 days for rest and then he will be ready for his forever family.

Henry loves everyone and everything.  He is getting along great with his foster sisters and brothers and loving this new thing called a couch.  We don’t think Henry really experienced many soft beds or couch time in his previous life, but we will make sure that is all he knows from this point on.  When it’s time to go do his business, Henry will wait by the back door like the little gentleman that he is to be let outside.

Stay tuned in the next coming weeks to hear more about this beautiful little boy.

1/7/19 Update:  Henry is officially off heartworm treatment crate rest and ready to find his forever home! This adorable little Bulldog boy has it all: house trained, leash trained and absolutely adores his people.

Henry is 5 years old, a gorgeous color of white and a little brindle “8” marking on his lower back. Henry the VIII, anyone? He is on the smaller size, 48 lbs, but is so easy to lift. He adores his couch time – for toy chewing time and naps, with you on it, hopefully. Henry has been around several dogs of all sorts, big and small. One big male he likes; the other big male he does’t. So he may have a little bit of little dog syndrome.

Henry was a very neglected boy before rescue. He was out on the streets for sometime, without any human interaction, care or love, so he just eats it up with us, almost like he’s just starving for it andc doesnt want to share. It is so easy to love Henry and I know you will love him too.