Hershey wished for a family to call his own and today, he got his wish! He has a new family to love him unconditionally. Happy trails, sweet boy!

Sweet,  magnificent,  marvelous, and amazing!  Are these a few adjectives that describe me?  Dark, and rich like a Hersey candy bar. Well, all of them describe me. I am 6 months old and I decided that rescue was a great place for me.  Medicated bathes, great food, lot’s of treats and some laps to sit in is just what I need.  Yesterday when I got to sit in Dr. Larsens lap she told me that she just might need to keep me, like forever.  I told her I was just passing thru, not to get too attached, because I had a lot of life and living to do.

My idea of a family was going to soccer games and vacations and traveling with the family to places I had never been. Being the official greeter at the clinic did not sound like a job I wanted full time.  I broke her heart, but that’s pretty much the story of my life. Everyone wants me.  I have checked in there for some medicated bathes and little altering of my ego, if you know what I mean.  Yesterday was spa day, which included some special medication for my skin.  It was wonderful. I can tell spa day will be my favorite days of the week.

I will be checking in from time to time so you can see my progress and you are going to simply be amazing in about 4 weeks when you see me. Then the next time you see me will probably be on my adoption day with my new family that was chosen just for me!

2/26/20 Update:  I am feeling better every day. I’m kicking my demodex and my skin is doing so much better. Look how shinny I am! Dr. Larsen said I’m a very special boy. She had to make two incisions in my belly for my neuter this week. One testicle was hiding and did not want to be removed. I kind of liked having them both, but she was so determined. She went hunting and found it anyway. Oh well, life goes on!