Iris has been adopted!  After six months in her foster home, Iris has found her furever family! Iris is going to be spoiled for the rest of her life, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Iris and her new fur sister, Piggy, are already becoming best friends!

Please welcome 4-year-old Iris to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! She’s cute as a button, as sweet as can be and small enough to carry in a tote bag (not that we would do that!). Iris is a little on the shy side, but wants so bad to fit in and come out of her shell. More to come on this great gal!

Like the beautiful flower that lives in many gardens, ranging from purple to yellow, white to blue, rescue has their very on brilliant Iris. She is is tan with a little touch of blue. Iris comes from a loving home that spent many nights with Iris upside down in their laps, rubbing her big belly because belly rubs are what Iris loves.

Iris checked her self in on the scale and she topped at 42 lbs, and that is just perfect for this tan beauty. Iris is a little on the shy side when it comes to meeting new people, but once she is familiar with her surroundings, it is like she has been there forever. Iris loves other dogs, and has met several cats too. Iris has been spayed, had a hernia repair, had some teeth work and two ears packed. Iris is going to be brand new!

7/17/17 Update:  When we picked up Iris, she was scared of everything! She is slowly, but surely, coming out of her shell, but the slightest movement still makes her jump. However, she did have an easy time getting to know her fur foster siblings. Once Iris met them, they were all instantly best friends. Iris does have difficulty with her vision and requires prescription eye drops a couple times a day. And she does just fine with them. Iris is very comfortable in our laps, and absolutely loves belly rubs! Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet little Bulldog.​

8/15/17 Update:  Iris has really come out of her shell over the last month. For the most part, she has gotten over the fears of being in a new environment and around new people. She loves to play with other dogs, and enjoys a good nap in our lap. Iris does have difficulty with her vision, and can still be easily startled. Because of this, we believe she would do best in a family without small children. Iris feels safe in a crate, but is not yet fully crate trained. She also does have the occasional accident inside the house, but she is working hard on this. Iris is incredibly sweet and wants nothing more than a loving family to call her own.

9/4/17 Update:  Iris continues to improve every day! Iris has put on a couple pounds, but she just says she is “big boned.” Iris is doing great on her house training, but does still have the occasional accident. She is a champion napper, and gets along great with all other dogs. Other than her dry eyes, Iris is healthy and ready to be adopted.

9/29/17 Update:   Iris wanted to show off one of her talents. See? She can roll her tongue!

11/26/17 Update:  Iris has been doing so well! She has really warmed up to being around people, and is such a great lap dog. Iris loves to play and gets along well with all other dogs. She can be shy at times, but still always enjoys being part of the action. Iris would do best in a forever home without small children, and with other dogs. She is house trained and crate trained. Please apply and maybe you could be matched to this wonderful girl.