Jake has been adopted! I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family to take that big baby home. Jake now has a new fur brother and fur sister to run, play, swim and chill with. I’ve been getting updates all weekend and there is no doubt in my mind that he’s going to thrive with his new family. They just love him! Congrats to Jake! I know he’s one happy Bulldog.

Please welcome Jake. He’s only 9 months old, yet he’s dripping blood due to a prolapsed urethra. He also has an inverted infected tail and will likely need palate surgery. Please keep this young dude in your thoughts. More details to come!

Dr. Larsen reported she was able to repair the prolapse and it was holding. She packed his tail to calm down the infection, but said it was the worst tail she had ever smelled.

5/2/22 Update:  Jake arrived at my house on Wednesday. I had forgotten what it’s like to have a puppy around, but it’s all coming back to me now.

At 64 lbs and almost 1 year old, Jake is one big ball of energy. The first few days he was just trying to figure things out and was pretty chill. That didn’t last very long and he’s definitely comfortable now. 

As far as medical issues go, Jake came to rescue with a prolapsed penis. Dr. Larsen took care of it and removed his tail as well. He’s doing good.

Jake’s crated at night and when I leave the house. I’m happy to report, he’s done very well. He doesn’t complain and hasn’t had any accidents in his crate over the last few nights. I’m pretty impressed. Jake knows where to do his business and we haven’t had much of an issue with that.  

He’s definitely a puppy. He chews on everything, he plays, he eats, he poops and he sleeps.

On Saturday, Jake and I went to a pup event in Dallas. There were so many different types of dogs there. Jake took it all in and did fabulous. We didn’t stay very long, but I was glad we went for the experience. He made quite a few friends.  Everyone loves Bulldogs! He definitely will make a great family addition.

5/12/22 Update:  If you love Bulldog kisses and lots of energy, Jake may be perfect for you! 

He sleeps all day while I’m at work and is super excited when I get home. Bulldogs are so great to come home to, if you’d never experienced it.

As soon as I let him out of his crate, every inch of this boy wiggles in delight! 

Don’t let his size fool you. Jake’s got moves. When I open the back door to go outside, he flies out. Steps be damned… he doesn’t care. It cracks me up. He’s quite the entertainer.

Jake enjoys short walks on the street, lots of food and plenty of treats. He’s favorite time of the day is playtime, which is any time he’s not sleeping or eating. He’s a puppy through and through. 

We’re working on manners, he gets a little too excited and doesn’t know when to stop, but he’s learning (thank you Dianne). Also redirecting his attention from my feet, any plants, all rugs, or anything wood in the house takes a hot minute. Haha! 

I don’t know how he’d do with small kids as far as the puppy play goes. When I’ve taken him out, he’s perfect with little ones but he’s been on a leash. If not, I think he might plow over them during playtime at this point.

As far as medical, there’s not much to report. Eye meds are a bit of a struggle to get administered, but we’re getting through that. Once we’re through those meds, that should be resolved. He doesn’t have any ongoing eye issues I’m aware of – his eyes look good, no green goop.

All is well in Jake’s world these days! He’s a good boy. A bull in a china shop at times, but he’s really a good dog.