Juno is the friendliest dog I have ever met. She may bark when someone knocks on the door but then greets the visitor with a wagging behind and drooling smiles.  She has a plastic bone that is her favorite toy and to show her excitement when someone enters the house, she puts it in her mouth and brings it to the guest.  It feels really good to walk in the house with Juno to greet you.  She loves people. Her favorite toy is the hard plastic bone. This is also the only toy that she can’t destroy.  She will rip apart any stuffed animal or chew toy. She loves raw hides but must be monitored with them as she will try to swallow it whole once it is soft.

She was crate trained and will go in the crate with a treat without complaining.  This is probably the best thing to do with her if you are going to be gone all day as she will, from time to time, rip up pillows, dog beds, and anything plush if left by herself too long with nothing else to chew on.  To get her in her crate, I say, “Juno, get in the crate.”  She will usually go in on her own, and then I drop a treat into it.  However, sometimes I need to drop the treat in first. She loves affection.  She craves it.  She likes to lie next to you on the couch.  If you ignore her, she will sit at your feet and stare at you until you give in and give her a pet or two on the head.  She used to sleep in bed with us.  She would walk all around the bed and then plop down at my feet where she would stay all night.  (When she was a puppy, she liked to sleep across my head.)  I am afraid I raised her like a lap dog so she loves to be held and snuggled. She is a curious dog.  The saying should be changed to “Curious as a Bulldog”. She likes to sniff anything new—clothes, shoes, furniture, boxes, people.  She uses her nose to really “see” things.

My husband and I will pass an evening just watching her.  She is quirky and does silly things.  She likes to have her own dog bed to sit on in the living room.  She will sit on the dog bed and stare at the wall (we don’t understand it) or up at the TV (she barks at the TV if there is an airplane on it) or just up at the ceiling (as if she were tripping on acid).  She is a tender dog.  Juno understands tears and will try to comfort you in her own dog way if you are crying.  If one of the other dogs is hurt or sick, she will lick the dog and sit with it until he/she feels better.

Juno loves to play.  She and our boxer roll around and chase each other all morning long.  She comes in to pass out for most of the day, and then they go at it again in the evening.  Her favorite game to play with humans is “keep away”.  She will play this as long as you will let her.  She puts her bone in her mouth and then marches past me. (I am usually on the couch.)  I make an “attempt” to snatch the bone from her.  She will run away, and then come back again.  My attempts are half-hearted with the intent to not really get the bone but Juno loves trying to go under my arm or around it or over it.  If I don’t show interest, she will dangle the bone from her mouth to try to lure me in.  She is pretty clever and would love to play this game at her new home.

Juno needs her bottom wiped every time she poops.  She can’t reach it to clean it herself.  Also, her wrinkles need to be cleaned frequently to keep out infection.  She doesn’t love baths, but she doesn’t fight you when you give one to her.  Desitin works well in her wrinkles to help dry them out when they are wet—the breeder passed on that advice to me.  Juno is spayed, micro chipped, up to date on shots and on heartworm prevention. She is up for adoption due to the family dynamics changing in the household. Adoption fee is $550.