KIRBY IS HEADED TO CALIFORNIA! His new mom picked him up Saturday afternoon and headed west. I will miss this boy with all my heart, but he is headed to a GREAT LIFE with his mom and dad. He will be an only child and after being in a house with six other Bullies, I’m sure he is loving his space! Kirby was my first baby to pick up at a shelter and foster from beginning to end. He will always be in my heart and in my sight because his new mom gave me a pillow with his picture on it. He now will be on my bed every day, so I can remember what a great experience it was to love him and prepare him for his new loving family. I love you, Kirb. Enjoy the life you deserve!

Please welcome Kirby to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family. He comes to us from a local shelter. Our volunteer Christy writes: He suffers from malnutrition and might weigh 37 pounds. His head and face are beautiful. He may have skin problems, or it may just be from his lack of nutrition. We’ll see what the vet has to say. He will be fat and beautiful soon. We like to eat at my house!

6/20/16 Update:  Kirby came to live with us last week after I picked him up from a local shelter. He has not been to the clinic to get his exam or neuter as of yet, but has an appointment this Thursday. At this time, I don’t know his age, but maybe 2-3 years. He is in hog heaven with all the girls in the house. He wants to love on all of them and they are not having any of that. I do admire his persistence. He is a very bright boy. His entire week has consisted of food, sleep, food, sleep. He has already put on a couple of pounds and never leaves an empty bowl. At first, we had a little problem with being aggressive at meal time, but now he knows there is always enough food for everyone at Mama’s house. His skin is a lot better, but still needs some work. He is a happy boy and loves to play. He is good with everything with fur and skin. I think he had been put out on the street because someone decided he wasn’t important enough to feed anymore. Well, to his surprise, we at Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue disagree. We picked him up and cleaned him up. We will get him the medical attention he needs. We’ll feed him, love him and make sure he will get a wonderful furever family and life…. A life much better than the people that put him on the street. We got you, Kirby!

6/27/16 Update:  Kirby boy has had a ruff week.  He’s slept, eaten, played and had a bath.  What I found out about Kirby is he gives you silly looks out of the corner of his eyes. When I talk to him sometimes the only thing that moves are his eyes.  Like a child who your getting on to and they roll their eyes.  That what he does.  He is the funniest thing.  It has been another week of him trying to entice all the ladies in the house with no luck.  This week the girls will get a rest Kirby’s being neutered.  He now weighs 47 lbs. and still loves his and everybody else’s food.  He thinks he’s the protector of the house.  He unlike Bella Irene did not like the repair man.  He wasn’t aggressive just standoffish with him.  He had a meet and greet on Saturday with some of the other Bullies and was a good boy.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for one of the 4 to be the bully of their dreams.

7/3/16 Update:  KIRBY HERE! My week was very eventful. I had all my vaccinations, my heartworm check turned out negative and the worst for my manhood is that my foster mom allowed me to be NEUTERED. She says it will be better for me in the long run, but I don’t even know what “in the long run” means. I just know they are gone.

One of the greatest things happened to me this week. There was a very sweet lady by the name of Susie Kubin, along with her baby Miss Trudy, who purchased a collar, leash and bowtie from P Dawgs Accessories JUST FOR ME! I am looking good. I want to THANK YOU so much for doing this for me. It was a very sweet thing to do. I’m sure you all will agree I’m a pretty boy in my new duds. 

The MOST IMPORTANT THING of all this week is that a family has picked ME to be their forever boy. They flew all the way from California to see me and now they will return after my eye surgery to pick me up and drive me back home. California, here I come! I must be a very special boy for them to go to that extreme – to pick, love and take me home forever. I am one of the many Bully babies that has found my forever home and love, but there are still those who have not yet found theirs. They are wonderful brothers and sisters and all need their own beds, their own love in their own homes so please keep reading about them, following them and finding a place in your family for all of them.  KIRBY SIGNING OUT!

7/25/16 Update:  Even though Kirby has an adoption pending next month, I wanted to show everyone how far he has come. As foster parents, we see and hear everything when a Bully comes into rescue. Some good, some sad, and some terrible. We’ve seen it all. No matter the story, appearance or health. Some come to us confused, some come in bad health and some come broken from their past. We take them all.  My story about Kirby is no different than any other foster dog in rescue. We pick them up from the clinic or the shelter and take them home. We have no idea what their personalities are or in what way we will have to work with them, but we don’t hesitate.  Some people think I am crazy for having so many dogs in my house. They say, “Why do you do it? Isn’t it sad when they get adopted and you’re attached to them? Don’t you get tired of nursing them back to health?” I say I LOVE ALL OF IT.  They make my life important. They make me important. Without our foster parents and volunteers, these babies would have been on the street or euthanized. Now, they have families that love them. I have a wall in my house with pictures of all the foster dogs I have been lucky enough to have in my life. I look at it every day and thank God for them! They do more for me then I could ever do for them. Thank you to all the fosters parents, volunteers, but mostly the ADOPTERS that look beyond our Bullies’ stories and give them homes, families and love!