Lilly Mae

Lilly Mae

Saturday was “the most wonderful day of the year” for Lily Mae as she finally met her furever family!  Kristy Roach and her mom, Terri, made the trip from Pearland to make this sweet girl’s Christmas wishes come true.  Kristy had lost her 12yr old bully earlier this year and the time was right to open her heart to another.  Lily just adored Kristy from moment one, and as the feeling was mutual, this “meet & greet” quickly turned into Lily’s “happiest day!” They loaded up and headed south, even stopping to take in a Christmas parade back at home!  How fun is that?!  Lily is loving every minute of being the “only” dog and the center of attention.  She is looking forward to her new life; filled with love, happiness and many adventures!  She is even going camping in two weeks!  Watching her new life unfold on Facebook is definitely something we are looking forward to.  Happy trails my sweet Lily Mae!  Enjoy your life with your precious new mom, Kristy!  BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!

Please welcome 2-year-old Lilly Mae to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Lilly Mae called Las Vegas home for the first part of her life and then she moved to the Lone Star state. Lilly Mae had a fabulous family that loved her to pieces for two years, but then things took a turn for the worse. Lilly Mae’s mom found herself working two jobs and having no time to spend with Lilly Mae. Lilly Mae longed for the days she could run and play and socialize… Now, all she did was sit and wait. Waiting got hard on Lilly Mae and her mom knew Lilly Mae needed things she could no longer provide for her. So, today, Lilly Mae joined rescue and this beauty is simply amazing!

11/5/17 Update:  Miss Lilly Mae can be summed up in one word – AWESOME! She is such a fun-loving, little girl with so much love to give. Lilly loves to play and gets happier and funnier every day we have her. Our old ones are not the playing type, but she still tries. She loves to chase the cat and the cat loves to taunt her, so that works out well for both of them. She has discovered the toy box and is now having a blast hiding toys in all her favorite spots. She even hides her Benebone in the closet and retrieves it for bedtime! She knows commands and can sit and spin beautifully.

Brian made our dogs some awesome step stools to help them get on the couches easier, but they don’t use them. I showed Lilly how to use them once and she caught on immediately and uses them every time. She is one smart little girl! She goes to bed easily and quietly in her crate and sleeps all night. She is housetrained and will go to the door to signal she needs out.

And…….I have to mention her licking fetish! She likes to greet you with licking and she doesn’t like to stop. She will lick your hands, feet, legs, arms, any body part she can get to! It’s an all-out love fest and never fails to totally crack me up. She is just a little, pint-sized bundle of joy that will make you smile from ear to ear. She loves car rides so we took her out to look at the lake and she just walked right in! She was so fascinated by the waves against the shoreline and loved her outing so much.

She would make a great playmate for any dog who wants to play and have fun. Small kids are most likely out because she does like to lick and sometimes chew on fingers. She has not, however, tried to eat anything in my house, shoes, window sills, furniture, etc. I am so thankful for that! Lilly continues to show us what a special little girl she is every day. She will truly make some very lucky family as happy as she does us! PS – it is virtually impossible to get a pic of this girl! She moves at the speed of light every time she sees us with a phone. LOL!

11/20/17 Update:  Lilly Mae loves Sunday Funday on the patio with her crew!

Things to know about Lilly Mae (not necessarily in order of importance):

Loves to chase cats – not sure what she would do if she caught the cat, but she sure does like to chase it and will take out anything in her path to get it! For the safety and mental health of cats everywhere, let’s put NO CATS on her resume!

Loves to eat and knows her routine – where to stand, when to run to her room, how many treats she gets afterward! Cannot fool this dog, so do not even try!

Likes to play rough sometimes – she is still very much a puppy and likes to jump, bite or chew on you. We are working on taming her enthusiasm for this.

Loves to lick – she will flat out lick the skin off your body if you let her! Silly Lilly loves to give lots of kisses!

Loves to play with toys – really loves to play fetch and will exhaust your toy chunking arm doing it. She can run fast! She likes to play tug and “can’t get my toy.” She is just plain fun!

Has a bit of soft palate issue – needs to rest after eating or she will start spitting up her food. We elevate her food bowl and that helps tremendously. When she plays too much after eating, she will throw up also, so we have quiet time until her food gets settled into the tum tum. She can make a lot of snorty noises when playing, but seems fine with breathing.

Loves to perform – if you can get her to chill, she loves to show you her tricks – she can sit, give paw and spin in a circle! Have the treats ready!

Loves her people – she is a sweetheart and loves attention. She loves a good nap on the couch with her foster dad too! She responds well to instruction and tries really hard to be good. She is smart and funny and cocks her head better than our pug!

She does not seem to have allergies or issues of any kind and is a healthy, happy little girl!

Lilly sends her best Thanksgiving wishes! She is thankful to be loved and can’t wait to find her forever home. She is most thankful for Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Me too!