Lilly Sue (now Lucy)

Lilly Sue (now Lucy)

Lilly Sue, now known as Lucy, is enjoying her new life to the fullest! She is loving her new family and has taken on the role of Jack’s guardian. Jack is Lucy’s new skin brother and she follows him everywhere. They went to the park and all she wanted to do was walk beside the stroller to be close to him. Her family says she is getting more comfortable every day and her silly side is coming out. She has started lowering her front paws to the ground in front of Jack, so she’s smaller than him and she has been caught sneaking a few of his toys to play with. They are over-the-moon in love with her and think she is perfect, inside and out! We do too!
Good Luck, Lucy, with your new family and keep in touch with us from time-to-time so we know how you’re doing!
Hey, what is that over there? Let’s go see!
Some people saw my inquisitive nature as a problem. I just couldn’t help myself. I had to explore every sight and sound. And I was not about to allow that fence to stop me. I could always find a way out and I would take some of the other dogs with me. Then the mean neighbor told my parents he would shoot us if he saw us out again.
My family tried everything to keep me in, but I was a free spirit! They have been talking to rescue about me for months and finally decided to surrender me to keep me away from the neighbor.
I am a 1 1/2 years old and I weigh 63 pounds. Everybody talks about how beautiful and sweet I am. Lucky me!
I need someone to work with me on boundaries. They need to help me manage my curiosity and control my desire to run to everything. Do you have a good solid fence? If so, I just may be your girl.

8/30/20 Update:  Happy Sunday from the Soggy Saltine! We helped Lilly Sue make her big escape from the vet clinic this weekend, then the little “escape artist” made her own escape from her crate while we were at the store getting supplies. I have to admit, we were a little impressed with her skills! Escape artist AND a touch spiteful with the mess she made and the present she left on the floor! Lilly-1, Saltine-0.

Another trip to the store for better supplies, which lasted through the night! (zip ties and D-rings) Lilly-1, Saltine -1. FIRST, you must be smarter than your dog! LOL
Lilly Sue is as friendly, sweet, tail-wagging, free-spirited, happy puppy as she looks! Gorgeous eyes, skin, teeth… the works. She loves kisses and being close to you!
We look forward to seeing what all she has to offer in the coming weeks, as she gets adjusted to her surroundings. Stay tuned for the adventures of Lilly Sue!

9/6/20 Update:  Foster Mom says I don’t get to relax on my training. I have to keep working, while everyone else takes a break today!

Remotes in the caddy! CHECK
Shoes in the closet! CHECK
Not all baskets have toys in them! CHECK
Puppy in the kennel when I can’t be supervised. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK
Foster Mom says her housekeeping skills have improved with me around! I am a PUPPY, so I like to chew on everything. I’m curious, but I redirect very well. I don’t like the kennel, but I have adapted to it and I don’t make a fuss or try to break out.
I have learned how to sit, lay down and come when called. I’m currently working on NO and DROP IT! Foster Mom says I’m the smartest dog ever! My leash skills are improving ~ I’m pretty proud of myself!! I’ve only had a few accidents in the house (see kennel supervision above), but Foster Mom has me on a pretty tight schedule around here. I have a wooden fence in the backyard and have made zero attempt to get out of the yard. Foster Mom or Dad are always outside with us though, so a prison break would be nearly impossible!
I have made myself at home and I love everyone and everything, even that mini pig that lives here.

9/14/20 Update: It has been a busy week of sitting for treats and keeping the foster parents’ feet warm.

My favorite things are sitting on the patio to watch the sun rise and set, and getting to play with my foster fur brother and sister. They are older and don’t play much, but they are coming around to the puppy way of thinking…finally!

It’s cool enough now that the foster parents will let us play outside for a bit before and after work.

I like to sit under the desk while Foster Mom works and guard her feet against getting cold. She says, “Lilly, my feet aren’t cold” and all I can say is, “You’re welcome!” 🙂

No remotes or shoes have been harmed this week and I’ve only had ONE accident in the house! Y’all better hurry up and get those applications in, as you could get matched to me. I think Foster Mom is falling in love with this face!

9/20/20 Update: Lilly Sue checking in with all the Bulldog fans out there! It has been a busy week for me. My foster brother, Beckham, has taken me under his wing and is teaching me all kinds of things!

I’m learning how to ring the bell when I have to go outside to potty, how to hold the couch down so the blankets don’t fall off and how to sit pretty in the kitchen to get snacks from foster mom.  She’s such a sucker for a pretty sit!  My foster sister, Maggie, on the other hand is always trying to get me in to mischief.  She jumps up on the bed when nobody is looking and of course, I want to be where all the action is!  I promise, I just want to lay on the bed so I can see you…..and maybe wrestle for a bit……look at this face!  I promise I’ll be good up here.

I need a nap, following all of these RULES is exhausting!