What could you do in 483 days? Have you ever given it a thought? Does it seem like a long time? Well, if you are me, I spent it dreaming of my furever family. I’m a lucky fella for sure because my new family loves me to pieces. They said yes to a senior Bulldog who would prefer to be an only dog.

I was so happy when they showed up, I turned on my puppy mode. I couldn’t wait to get my own collar and leash, and get the big adventure started. It was hard for my foster family to let go, but they knew I needed one-on-one quality time. I will miss them and I’m thankful they put me first.

Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue gave me a second chance in life. I am eternally grateful for them and Bright Star Veterinary Clinic. This is goodbye from Lugnut, with one ear up and one ear down.

Tears fell like rain today when Lugnut’s family said goodbye. With one ear standing up and one ear folded over, Lugnut is as cute as they come.

As in all families, change happens, and Lugnut found himself needing to find a Bulldog-savvy family that knows about special food and medicated baths. Like many Bulldogs, Lugnut needs grain-free dog food, grain-free treats and a whole lot of Bulldog love. Lugnut loves people, loves sittingin laps and loves a long walk when the weather is nice.

Lugnut brought with him some of his favorite toys, a bag of food and some treats. Lugnut will be off to the vet clinic for a once over, and then to a foster home. He’s now thinking about a new family that will love a Bulldog with one ear up, one ear down and a whole lot of spots all over!

9/7/18 Update:  I left the vet two days ago. A really nice lady picked me up and drove me to this place called a foster home. I’m really new to this process so bear with me. I love making new friends, but can we skip the weird sniffing, please? 😒 Yes, I know I’m a sexy beast. 🐶 So look at my beautiful face and keep your nose away from where the sun don’t shine 😎. Being aggressive isn’t in my nature. I have been exploring all around this huge place. There are so many new faces here, it’s crazy! I do love that I have my own crib. Apparently, there is a routine here of nice food. Oh, I can’t complain one bit! Holy cow… it’s like being fed at a 5-star hotel everyday. We get our kibble, cheese, joint supplements, and a treat, if we go outside to do our business. Once inside, there is a huge doggie bed. My foster parents call it a couch, but we are the only ones on it most of the time. With this many 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 here, I say we are a mixture of greatness. I would really like to find my own home soon, so please share my story.

11/21/18 Update:  I wanted to check in to let you know I’m ready to be your furever man! I am the perfect gentleman and love the ladies. 😍 I especially enjoy exploring the house and the yard. Staying calm is easy for me. I’m pretty laid back until I get the signal you want to play. Oh man… I then can kick it in to another level for play time. I will get excited, but I’m also gentle. I am completely trained to do my business outside. My crate is my happy place, where I can lounge. I don’t make any noises if I have to stay in another room if company comes over. I won’t like it because I’m a people person, but I can handle it. I love kids and will give them plenty of kisses! 😘😘 Oh yeah.. I almost forgot! I love spa days and have no issues with water. 🐶 💦

12/1/18 Update:  I think I am warming up to this thing called Christmas. All the songs that I am hearing puts me to sleep. It’s been nice with all the home-cooked food I smell on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they won’t let me have any. They say it is bad for me and I would have to go to the vet. Bah Humbug. They just don’t like to share. I am still waiting on my first meet and greet. If you so happen to meet me, I will be like the Grinch. Instead of stealing the presents, I will steal your heart. I don’t make much noise and love to cuddle. So this Christmas if you’re looking for a snowman, I’m your guy!

5/10/19 Update:  It’s been a couple of months since my last update. I have had a few potential adoptions that just did not pan out. The right family is out there for me and I can’t wait to meet them.

I wish this Texas weather would calm down. One day, I can go outside and play around and the next day, it’s raining. Getting my paws wet and doing my business outside does not bother me.  I enjoy my foster fur sister, Pooh. We usually just chill on the couch all day together, counting each other’s snores. Let me tell you, she isn’t bad to sniff. She does not grunt much and I like it that way. I’m not one for chew toys… I’m more into my humans. Hopefully, there will be more meet-and-greets in my near future.  Lugnut

8/2/19 Update:  Foster boy Lugnut is looking forward to seeing you at our Giving Back to the Bulldogs 80s Party on Aug. 10 at Studio Eighty in Fort Worth! In the meantime, he’s contemplating his favorite 80s TV show. We think it’s Dallas.

11/3/19 Update:   Sweet Lugnut is a gentle soul. He has been in rescue over a year. He needs a home where he can be your only. Currently, he tolerates our crazy house of 7 other fur babies. He loves our alpha female Layla. I wish to match him with a family that can spoil him. He has such a great, young personality when he is the center of attention. Sleep easy, baby boy. Your family will find you.