Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has been adopted! He writes: Well, the time has come to retire from my rockstar lifestyle, pack my bags and change my name to Walter.

While I was at my foster home, we had a visitor named Penny Lane. She told me she also stayed in this foster home for a while, but then something amazing happened: a perfect family took her home and loved her and spoiled her. Penny Lane and I got along so well that she asked me if I wanted to come and live with her and be her brother. Of course I said “YES.” After all the stories she had told me about this amazing home and family, there was no way I was passing this up.

So yesterday, we left and went to this amazing place with an amazing mom, dad and a cat brother named Miles. We make the perfect family don’t you think?

Hey everyone it’s Luke Bryan joining rescue today and let me tell you I am one amazing fella!  That’s right, my name is Luke Bryan, named after that other famous fella, the country singer. Or, was he named after me?  I am 4 years old and around 45 pounds. I don’t know why I look so scared in all my photo’s, maybe because it was raining on my fur and I am used to be covered by an umbrella? I was born to be a show bulldog, however, due to the fact I am on the smaller size for a male bulldog I left that show world behind and I am ready for a life of sofa sitting.  

Some might say I have lived a life of privilege, but I just say I have lived the life all bulldogs should get to live.  I was raised  with other bulldogs,  puppies, cat’s and kittens, a pot belly pig, horses and chickens.  Lets just say Green Acre’s ain’t got nothing on me! I loved all my farm friends and I really would be like to be adopted by a family that has lot’s of animals.  

I am headed to Dr. Larsen’s clinic so I can sit in her lap and she can kiss my face.  I know she will squeal with delight when she sees just how perfect I am.  So after a little much needed alteration I will be looking thru the applications for a family for me. I am Luke Bryan, another famous fella that is cute as can be.

6/9/19 Update:  Is this microphone on? OK, good!  Hi, ladies. It’s me, Luke Bryan.Just thought I would check in and give all my fans an update.

Well, yesterday a lady came and picked me up from the vet and told me I was going to my foster home. We loaded up in the car and I decided that was the perfect time to practice some of my stage moves. Anyway, by the end of the drive, I ended up under the seat cover.

I walked into my foster home, ready to show all the ladies my moves and guess what? This place is full of guys. Not just guys…. old guys! Foster mom has been saying weird words to me, like come, stay, sit and no. Um, excuse me, lady, but do you even know who I am? I am Luke Bryan! She also put me in this kennel thing. Pfft… kennel? Whatever, this is my stage! I put on the best vocal performance of my life.

After my performance finished (i.e., foster mom let me out), she said I needed some work on my manners. What the heck? I am perfect. I AM LUKE BRYAN! Anyway, I am going to go to the Bulldogs and BBQ event next weekend at Courtesy Nissan. I believe I am headlining there. Hope you all come out to see me.