It’s me, Macho, with my forever family! Yep, that’s right. Clayton, Lindsey and Boomer, their Bulldog, drove up Friday night, spent the night and then welcomed me into their family on Saturday. It was love at first sight!

My new family is everything I wanted. Clayton and Lindsey are Bulldog lovers. They understand all my requirements, like sitting in laps, taking bubble baths and eating lots of treats! Also, they promised not to put me on a diet, even though I am shaped like a sausage.

Next week, we are going to Sea World and maybe to Fiesta Texas, if the weather is good. My wish for a family for Easter came true and I’m thrilled! Love, Macho

My name is Macho and I joined rescue today. Go ahead, you know you want to sing it. “Macho, macho man, I gotta be a macho man.” And that is exactly what I am!

This nice man found me last year living in a back yard and being attacked daily by dogs much larger than me. He convinced my first owner to let him have me. He just wanted to get me somewhere safe and where I would be cared for. The only problem is he lived in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs!

So I went and lived with his mother and her family and all her animals until they could come up with a solution. Today, I am enjoying the solution—I am in rescue! I am looking for a family who appreciates a short and stocky boy. I am four years old, but I still run and play like a puppy. I absolutely love to snuggle next to you on the couch.

I am at the clinic to get everything checked out and get caught up on my shots. They also said something today about a neuter, whatever that is. Then I will be off to my foster to review applications to see who will be a perfect match for the Macho Man.

4/11/19 Update:  Hello all my bulldog friends, it’s me Macho checking in. I have completed my little vet visit and I may need to change my name because these days I have lost “that loving feeling.”  After my little surgery and I am not feeling so Macho any more.  But, what I am feeling is absolutely fabulous! Yesterday I did a little photo shoot and it was so windy I tied myself to a tree. More than once I felt like Toto from the Wizard of Oz when the wind kept knocking me off my feet!  I felt like any minute I would be airborne and be gone for good. You see I am a really small fella, actually I might be a little wider than I am tall. I am the cutest and the sweetest bulldog that you will ever see. My life has not always been so great but then I joined rescue and things changed for me. I have had more love and attention than I ever dreamed about. The family that I am looking for will have a lot of time for me. They will understand that bulldogs might have an accident from time to time, and that bulldogs need a lot of toys to chew on. I am so ready and willing to learn everything there is to learn about living inside your home and being a part of your family.  So check me out; you will be so glad that you did!