Maddie Taylor

Maddie Taylor

Maddie Taylor has been adopted! From her foster momma: Sweet Maddie Taylor found her perfect family! On Monday, she left for Austin with her new mom and human brother. Her family reported that their first night went really well! “Marigold (aka Maddie) is such a sweetheart! We LOVE her so much and it’s only been 1 night.” Maddie enjoyed an evening snuggling on the couch with her new dad. I predict a happy future for this very deserving girl.

Please welcome Maddie Taylor, age 3, to Rescue! Maddie is a beautiful gal that needs a family that has lots of time to spend with her. Maddie has always been loved and adored!

10/4/16 Update:  Let me tell you about Maddie, my first foster. Maddie is a young, healthy girl who is completing heart worm treatment. She is a long legged cutie with a beautiful white coat of silk and numerous positive traits. After being with me for a week I find her to be well mannered, loving, completely potty trained, and obedient (minus the typical bulldog stubbornness.) She is accustomed to the comforts of being included in a family as demonstrated in the picture of her choosing my bed over hers. Maddie is easy to love and I do.

I’m convinced that Maddie has been an only fur baby. She loves people, but she has jealousy issues with my three girls. Sharing attention or toys is hard for her and she snaps. She is doing much better so I think she could adjust.  It remains a  mystery to me how fur babies who have been so loved and cared for end up in rescue. This girl knows how to be part of a family and a home.

10/23/16 Update:  Sweet Maddie has completed her rest period after heartworm treatment and is ready for her furever family. She is a devoted companion who is easy to live with and easy to love. Maddie is cooperative and is always close by, often with her head on my knee looking for an ear rub. She stays so close by that it’s hard to get a good picture unless she is sleeping or wants a tummy rub. Playful and full of energy, she is always ready for fun. Long legs propel her everywhere and extend her reach enough to steal goodies from the table. Maddie is potty trained and well mannered. She loves people short and tall and gets along well with my three fur babies 99% of the time. Jealousy overcomes her on occasion and she snaps. There have been no serious consequences. It would be an easy transition for her to become part of a loving family where she is the only fur baby.

12/12/16 Update:  Sweet Maddie is looking for her forever family. Maddie is an easy going, well-mannered girl with lots of love for everyone. Merry Christmas to all!

12/19/16 Update:  She got to open her stocking from Santa Paws last night. Maddie is hugging a new Christmas toy that was in her party goodie sack. She loves it. Thank you donors, fosters and everyone who worked to create such a great event. It was so nice to put names and faces together and to hear about your fostering experiences. Thank you for all you do for these precious babies.

1/12/17 Update:  Maddie Taylor is doing well. (Gained weight since first pics. Now 55 lbs) Maddie loves to ride in the car and she is a calm, observant passenger. Leash training is going well. She has stopped pulling me around. She is crazy about my grandson and they walk and jog together several times a week.

1/29/17 Update:  Maddie Taylor can absolutely not take a nap without rearranging the couch cushions. She works and works to get the softest bed possible. Maddie is a fun girl. She enjoys walks, car rides, all people, toys, love scratches naps and snacks. She can catch a snack at any distance… even better than a Texas Rangers catcher. Young, healthy, soft and beautiful describes this girl. The four fur babies in my household are respectful of each other and getting along beautifully.