Hello everyone. I wanted ya’ll to know that today is Valentine’s Day and it is also my Adoption Day. I chose today to announce that I have my very own family now.  And I love my Mom Donna and my Dad Bill. When I joined rescue I was scared to death. My eyes were a problem and I have made lot’s of trips to the eye doctor for help. I had really bad dry eye in both eyes and my then foster Mom made sure I had medicine throughout the day so my eyes would feel good and hopefully my eye sight would get better. I knew from the way my foster Mom took care of me that she needed to be my Forever Mom. I could not imagine leaving the 1st person that loved me and took such great care of me. So, here I am with my forever Mom and you can tell by the pictures I just love her to pieces, and she loves me. Magic

Hello all you bulldog people, it’s me, Magic joining rescue!  Magic? Are you wondering how I got that name? Well, I am a very shy little 2 year old lady!  Like, shy as in can disappear,  just like Magic. Not that I don’t love people and other things with fur, I am just shy. I get a little nervous. I might start to shake and I prefer to be carried and not walk.  I can make myself small, roll over on my back and kick my legs 90 miles an hour. The longer you talk to me the harder I kick my legs.

I have settled in with Dr. Larsen and she understands me already. I am now in a big round ring at the clinic where everyone can step in and sit down on the floor and talk to me.  I have a few minor area’s that could use a little “fixer upper” like my eyes and my ears and my lady parts, but their is plenty of time for that.  For now I can be found in the round ring sitting in everyone’s lap and having special treats that are just for me.  I am going to take this spoiling to a whole nother level as I enjoy myself in rescue! My perfect family will be kind, patient, and can sit in the floor with me while we get to know each other, and just like Magic I will love you forever!

10/19/18 Update:  Update from foster kid Magic: I have left the vet clinic! Foster Mom came and got me. I’m now settling in my foster home. There are so many toys and bones to play with. I am safe and happy, and I get so many hugs and kisses! Life is good. No more crate for me. I have the whole kitchen to myself for a few days. Foster Mom says we have to finish healing up, learn some good manners and stuff like that and then we can start interviewing for my forever family. So get your applications turned in. I may be matched to you. And let me just say: I’m going to be irresistible!  I’ll check in again soon, Magic

10/30/18 Update:  Hey, did you call me? Did you fill out that application? I’m available to be your loving forever Bulldog baby. Foster Mom says I’m the best ever baby! I’m 2 years old and as cute as can be. I know how to use that doggie door. I’m really smart. I give the best snuggles too! I have full run of the house because I’m so good. I’ll be checking my messages. Love,  Magic