Max has been adopted! Sometimes we see some unlikely parings. We also know that all Bulldogs do not fit a particular stereotype. Well, neither do Rottweilers. Curt and Debbie had a rescued Rottie, Ulla, that is the most laid back dog ever! She needed a companion of like spirit and her parents wanted a Bulldog. Max was the perfect match for both. It was so interesting watching the dogs meet for the first time. It was not dynamic, like some, it wasn’t playful like others. They immediately settled in like an old married couple who had lived together for years. Debbie and Curt are comfortable working with his allergies, and are excited to provide him his furever home.

Max was so happy he ran to the pickup and tried to jump in! He was trying out his new bed before they got out the driveway. Another happy ending for another Bulldog who hit the jackpot.

Can you be allergic to yourself? In Max’s case, that might just be true. Max is a 3-year-old owner surrender from northeast Texas. His owner did everything she could to bring his allergies under control, but this spring and summer, nothing has worked. She hopes rehoming and relocating him to a different area will help. He has several red spots where his hair is thinning.

The owner put him through a series of allergy tests and let’s just say… it would be easier to list what he is NOT allergic to! For a Bulldog living in a very humid area, it is probably not good that he is highly allergic to yeast. He has been getting twice weekly medicated baths and twice monthly vet visits. He has been on Apoquel for several months. We have switched him to another allergy med and he already looks better after just a day. We are checking with the clinic that did the allergy tests to see the cost of putting him through a series of allergy shots to build up his resistance. The vet has suggested he needs to become a West Texas Bulldog.

He is just the sweetest guy. But we think he might be better suited for a home west of Abilene!

8/10/17 Update:  Foster boy Max started his antigen shots yesterday. It will take awhile, but our fingers are crossed they will help with his allergies. The vet describes him as a very sweet boy who is quiet and unassuming.

8/20/17 Update:  Max entered rescue a few weeks ago with his skin afire from his allergies. It might be easier to tell you what he’s NOT allergic to, as opposed to what he is…. He has been allergy tested and started shots on August 9. What a difference 10 days make. His skin is so much better and a normal color, he has stopped itching and his bald spots are diminishing. Max came to my house Friday and is just the sweetest guy. He has gotten along fine with my three and has not been the slightest problem. Even when they act up, he just ignores them. He loves his humans and wants nothing more than to be near you and please you. I gave him an allergy shot yesterday and will continue to do so every few days. It is a simple process. He is still taking an antihistamine and antibiotic and eye drops. Max loves to take a brisk walk and can work up quite the breeze with his flopping ears! He would be a great dog for any family as long as they will continue his shots.

8/27/17 Update:  Max Man is just about the perfect Bulldog. Never has a mistake in the house. Will lay in his crate for hours if you want him to. Never starts a confrontation with other dogs and will not engage when they want to start something. He has no trouble with the shots or his eye meds.  Loves to walk with you and sit with you. What more could you want?

Max was in slow motion a couple of days this week. We have cut back on his antihistamine and it has made a big difference. He is not itching, and his energy level has improved. He continues to get his allergy shots every few days. We think he is ready for his forever home. But he will need to stay on a certain food (that is readily available) and his allergy shots. With time and the right environment he might even be able to get off the shots.

9/3/17 Update:  Max is ready for his furever home. He is a perfect houseguest, but he needs his own place and his own family. His allergy shots are so easy to give and they are helping so much. Other than that, he needs eye drops for his dry eye and he is good to go.

He is so non-confrontational with other dogs. He will play a little bit, but he would rather just sit beside you, with his head in your lap, with you petting him.