Max McGee

Max McGee

Max McGee is outa here! He met his new family and said, “Come on, you guys. Let’s hit the road and get this new family stuff started.” Max joins the Gutierrez family from Katy, Texas, previous Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue adopters. They decided they were ready to bring another Bulldog into their home after they lost their beloved Toby to cancer earlier this year. Max will be spoiled rotten and this foster mom can’t wait to see him blossom in his forever home. Happy life, Max McGee – you deserve it!

My name is Max McGee and I have had a wonderful life. I have always been loved and well cared for. But sometimes things happen in life and you have to move on. My family’s circumstances changed and they needed to surrender me. So with tears all around I told them goodbye.

I am four years old. I have always had some skin issues like a lot of Bulldogs. But I have also had a problem with bladder stones. They were so bad one time I had to have an operation. Now I eat a special food—and no more stones!

I know several basic commands and tricks. I love to play with kids and other dogs and I LOVE my chew toys.

You might say I am just about a perfect Bulldog and I am ready to move on and find my new family. You know you want to be matched with a handsome boy like me! Go ahead, fill out that application and see if you are a match.

8/16/19 Update:  Max McGee just moved into our home and we are all getting to know each other, but so far this is what we know:

✔️Max is a sweetheart.

✔️Max likes to play and is trying so hard to get his foster sisters to play with him, but they take a little while to come around.

✔️Max doesn’t mess with cats.

✔️Max likes the little doggy bed.

✔️Max likes to go in the car.

✔️Max listens and minds very well.

✔️Max sits on command and waits impatiently for a treat, but he does wait. 😊

✔️Max has the most adorable squishy face.

✔️✔️Did I say Max is a sweetheart?