Mimi has been adopted!  Even the rain couldn’t keep Mimi from packing her bags to go to the event today, where her new family picked her up. It was love at first sight on both ends. Mimi even showed a little too much love at times 😳.

Mimi now has a new mom, dad and a skin sister who she is totally obsessed with.

Mimi greeted her new family with hugs, kisses and high fives. She gave foster mom a kiss goodbye and then off she went to live the great new life she deserves with her perfect new family.

Welcome 3-year-old Mimi to our rescue family! She is a full-figured, 73 pounds! And she is the poster child for why some folks just shouldn’t own a Bulldog.

Bulldogs are a special breed for special people. Too many folks want the cute, squishy face, but have no idea of the work or expense involved in keeping them healthy. Mimi’s first owner quickly tired of the trouble and expense of maintaining a dog, so they gave her to someone else. The second family kept her for about two years. But she was recently found outside, hiding under a car on a very hot Texas day. Local animal control officers picked her up and took her to the shelter.

When the shelter finally located the owners, the owners said they didn’t want her back because it was too costly to care for her. Thankfully, the shelter decided we could pull Mimi and give her all the necessary vet care. Plus, we will be able to fully evaluate her and determine what type of furever family will be best.

Mimi has a lot of issues that we typically see in Bulldog rescue: cherry eye, infected tail pocket, dry skin. She should be as good as new in no time, but she will need to be put on a diet! She really needs to lose some weight for her own health. Stay tuned as she finishes her time at the spa and is ready for her debut.

8/14/18 Update:  Mimi had her spay and cherry eye surgery last week and is recovering nicely. She is scheduled for her tail surgery tomorrow. She can leave the clinic next week. She just loves everybody and everything. She is always happy. She tries to get me to shake her paw every time I see her. And she has some pretty sweet moves when she plays fetch.

Mimi Moves Video

9/8/18 Update:  Hi all! It’s Mimi, coming to you from my foster home. Now that my great new life has begun in rescue, I have decided to go for my life-long dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader!

I got my routine down, then went off for tryouts and stood in line. Some very rude man came up and asked me if I was here for the football tryouts! He said he was mistaken because of my “larger” figure! How rude, right?

Well, I left humiliated and decided it’s time to lose these few extra pounds so this will never happen again. All I ask is for lots of support from my Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family. Who is with me?