Mocha found her perfect family! And her new mother, R.T., found her perfect birthday gift to herself: Mocha.
It was a match made in heaven. Mocha is a very sweet and quiet little Bulldog lady and that is exactly the type of family that adopted her: sweet and quiet.
Mocha found the perfect lap to hold her, as R.T. is home all day and Mocha loves to sit in laps. This is this great couple’s first Bulldog, but for sure, it will not be the last. They have wanted to join the club of loving and owning a Bulldog for years, and today, their dreams came true.
Mocha never looked back, as she loaded herself up in the car to head south and start her forever life of being one spoiled Bulldog! Much happiness, family. We’ll see y’all again one day!

Good morning everyone! It’s me Mocha joining rescue today!  And guess what? Today in National Coffee Day! And with the name like Mocha I felt like today was the day to make it happen!   Mocha is a chocolate-flavored coffee beverage, rich and loved by everyone.  So, see that is the reason everyone is going to love me!  I turned 2 years old in August and I really am a small little lady. I am not originally from Texas, but I got here as quickly as I could. 

Ever since I got here, I have not felt good. I can’t quite put my paw on it. But I just feel a little off.  Today I am going to Dr. Larsen’s and sit in her lap. I am going to tell her how I feel and see what she thinks might be wrong. My appetite is so-so. And I don’t have fever. My ears look great as do my eyes.  So, maybe it’s not that end that is making me feel bad.  Maybe it’s the other end?  

Enough about me medically. Tears fell like rain when my Mom told me good-bye. She loved me a lot. She called me her little shadow around the farm. I loved all the chickens, rescue horses and all the other dogs. I have never met a stranger, but I do stand back a little when I see new things. I am not a pushy in your face kinda girl. I am much more a beautiful lady.  Follow me on my journey through rescue.  What a great time this is going to be !  Love always, Mocha

11/2/20 Update:  Foster mom keeps telling me how sweet and wonderful I am. I’m still a playful 2 year old, but I’m a good listener. I’m friendly to all, a gem on a leash and love to snuggle. You may be my perfect match!