Molly Jane (now Harley)

Molly Jane (now Harley)

Harley, formerly known as Molly Jane, has a very special announcement she would like to share with everyone…

“Please put your tongues out 👅 and your paws 🐾 together and let’s celebrate!! It’s official, I have been blessed with my FURever family! It’s amazing how my now FURever pawrents immediately knew I was a Queen. 👑 They had new food and water bowls personalized just for me and they even matched my new super soft bed. 🥰 My FURever Mom said she can’t wait for me to try on my new dress 👗 and my FURever dad said I can have anything I want. Just between me and you, I already have him wrapped around my little toe😉

My foster Ma told me from day one I was a very special lady and I deserved nothing but the best. Well, guess what, I truly found THE BEST! 🐶 Cheers to my happily and pampered FURever after friends!”

💗Thank you Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue  💗Thank you Dr. Larsen 💗Thank you Foster Ma & Pops. All my love, 🎀Harley🎀

Some people say I am f*t. I can’t even say the nasty word. Do I look f*t to you? I only weigh 74 pounds. If I wanted, I could be a lot bigger!

Anyway, enough of that negativity. I lived with an older woman who is having some health issues and she is no longer able to take care of me and some of my issues. So she decided to surrender me to rescue so they could fix me up for my next family!

I have very bad entropion in one eye and I need some attention paid to my teeth. I have already been spayed, so the nice doctor is taking care of those other things in a few days. Then I will be ready to start my new life. But when I come live with you, I don’t want to hear that f*t word, or I just might have to leave. And don’t even think about that d**t word!

***DISCLAIMER: Shhhh…. don’t tell Molly Jane, but yes, there will most likely be some green beans in her near future.***

9/16/18 Update:  I had a great first week here at my foster home, but I’m not going to lie… I was pretty worried at first. It felt like so much was changing at one time and how’s a girl supposed to handle all of that? But my foster parents showed me so much love and told me my perfect furever family will find me soon.

And guess what? There are 5 other 4-legged fur friends here who kind of look like me. We all get along great! A couple are smaller, a few are boys and I’d like to think at least 1 is bigger than me. I did overhear this lady in a white coat say something about losing a few pounds, 🤷🏼‍♀️ but don’t worry. I took a quick look in the mirror and told myself she was talking about someone else because, I mean, look at me, I am PAWlicious 😉

Foster Pa moved my super comfy orthopedic bed next to his bed. He told me it was because my snoring helps him sleep, but I know it’s because he just wants me near him.💗 To show him my appreciation, I got his T-shirt, took it to my bed and I sleep with it every night. My skin foster brother has taught me how to go up and down the stairs. He was so patient and encouraging. Now, I try to get him to race me up the stairs, but he just chuckles and tells me, “Take it easy girl.”

Foster Ma is such a sweetheart, but who told this lady she can cook? She’s been serving me stuff like Salmon Tunalini, Hasen Duckenpfeffer, and Lamb and Lentil. Like, what is all of that?And no Foster Ma, a little shredded cheese on top is not going to fool me! Can a girl just get some beef and taters, please?! Well, I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for listening and a big thank you to everyone here at rescue. All my love,  Molly Jane 🌸

11/20/18 Update:  Gobble Gobble 🦃  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. I know I can’t wait … because Foster Ma said she’s going to make me my very own doggie turkey day dessert 🥧  Hey now 😡 don’t laugh. Foster Ma told me Doc is VERY pleased with my new weight. I guess you could say all those 🥦 treats paid off 😉 Doc also said I don’t have to ever worry about having my tail pocket cleaned again 👏🏽 Can I get an AMEN?

I’m hoping Santa 🎅🏼 will bring me my perfect furever family for Christmas. I’m super chill and don’t need much, other than never ending love. ❤️ If you think you’d be the best Christmas present for me and I’d be the best Christmas present for you, apply today, and paws crossed 🐾we’re a match!

12/7/18 mUpdate:  HO HO HO – Molly Jane checking in 👋🏽 Have any of you seen the fat man in the red coat🎅🏼?
Foster Ma suggested I reach out to rescue to ensure Santa Paws receives my wish ❤️

Ya see, my Christmas wish really is simple: I’m looking to be matched with my perfect furever family. When I came into this wonderful rescue, I decided I was going to set and achieve some personal goals. Nothing was going to stop me from finding my happily ever after 💘

💥 Lose 10 pounds – Done(🎤 drop)
💥 Eat healthier🥦 Done
💥 Enjoy short walks – Done (just between me and you, my definition of “short” is around the yard and back to the kitchen 😉 )
💥 Learn how to relax – Done (and my alopecia is even going away 👏🏽)
💥 Smile more – Done

I’m going to continue to improve each day, so I can be the best Molly Jane for you, so if you’re ready to have a princess of your own, apply today. If we’re a perfect match, we can enjoy a Hallmark movie by a cozy fire before Christmas💋