Monica Mary Ann

Monica Mary Ann

Y’all are just not going to believe what happened today! Do you believe in fate? Well, I certainly do. Today, I moved into my furever home and let me tell you, it’s a match made in heaven! 

Let’s start with our names… Molly and Monica. Does it get any sweeter? 

Next, let’s talk about the new bed, toys, and treats. All for me! 

After I’m finished exploring, I’m going to sit on her lap and give her all the kisses to say thank you. We are going to make a fantastic pair!

Hello Bulldog Family,  Monica Mary Ann here and today I joined rescue! 

It was a great day when I helped myself up into the back seat of the family car and headed down the highway.  I thought about joining rescue a while back and then I changed my mind. I thought maybe I would give motherhood one more try, but just as I suspected it was no better the second time around. I was not a good mother and let’s face it, I don’t like puppies. Oh, I love to look at puppies and they smell so good, but I don’t have that maternal instinct to lay down and feed them. Matter of fact it becomes “catch me if you can come feeding time!” I hung around till they were 5 weeks old then when I saw the car door open, I was gone. 

My family was sad that I chose the highway, but they knew that my place was on a sofa and not having babies.  So Dr. Larsen will make sure my baby making days are over and then I am going to look thru the applications for a family that understands my needs. I need snacks, treats, spa days, vacation time, and tutu’s. Yes tutu’s for me, one for every day of the week! My name is Monica Mary Ann, and I am 3.

3/18/22 Update:  Unfortunately we found out that Monica tested positive for heart worms and will have to be treated for them. She will be on medical hold until that is completed.

3/22/22 Update:  Dropping in to say hi from my foster home! I arrived on Thursday and have been thoroughly enjoying all of the playing and relaxing. 

I love treats, booty scratches and following my people EVERYWHERE. You wanna go outside? Me too! You wanna go inside? Me too! You wanna take a shower? Me too!! 

I know where I am supposed to do my business and am learning how to sit for treats. 

Another four-legged friend arrived this weekend and I think she’s pretty cool too! 

I’m going to see Dr. Larsen later this week to put an end to my baby-making days. Woohoo!

4/5/22 Update:  I made my way back to my foster family after Dr. Larsen made sure there would be no more babies for me. 

I’m loving all of the attention, treats and rest. Although, I wish I could wrestle more with my fur sister. Foster Mom says I have to take it easy until my stitches come out. 

Well, if that’s the case, I’m going to spend my time training the humans how to properly do belly scratches. 

You see, I cuddle up next to them, wedge myself between the cushions, and give them the “death stare” until scratching commences. That’s was Foster Mom calls it, but I wouldn’t kill anything. I’m a solid ball of lovin’! 

The next step for this girl is to get rid of the nasty worms in my heart and then I’ll be ready to find my furever belly scratchers.  

4/9/22 Update:  Monica is working on her best poses to impress her fans as she walks the red carpet tomorrow. She requested a spa day and some R & R, and will be so excited to meet and mingle at the Pizza Paw-ty tomorrow. See you there!

4/29/22 Update:  Good morning, Bulldog fans,

I’m hanging around my foster home waiting for my turn at Dr. Larsen’s to get rid of these nasty heartworms. Next week is my week! So I’m going to enjoy this weekend to the fullest! What are my favorite activities, you ask? Number 1 is being right next to my human and getting all kinds of rubs. I don’t get too excited about toys, but love wrestling with my fur siblings. I also love spending time outside and chasing squirrels. I haven’t caught one yet, but foster mom say I’m very athletic so I keep trying. After a good chase, there’s nothing better than a nap!

Once I get the all-clear from Dr. Larsen I’ll be ready to find my furever home. I can’t wait to meet you!

5/11/22 Update:  Monica Mary Ann returned to her foster home after heartworm treatment. Poor girl is not fond of crate rest, especially when she can hear other doggies out there. This was our conversation last night.

Monica: Hey there! I see that Foster Dad isn’t here tonight. Maybe you have some room up there for me?

Foster Mom: Oh sweet, Monica. I’m sorry that you have to do this crate rest thing. Maybe one night in bed would make you happy. Oh… right up here on the pillows? Well, OK.

*Turns out light*

Foster Mom: OMG! This was a remarkably bad idea! 

*Starts video*

But she’s too cute to kick out.

5/25/22 Update:  Monica had her heartworm treatment. Now, she’s more than halfway through her crate rest and doing great… IF by crate rest you mean resting on a comfy chair or in your lap. 

This girl just wants to be with her people. She’s also looking forward to getting back to chasing squirrels in the yard. Hang in there, Monica. Less than two weeks to go! 

6/3/22 Update:  After enduring heartworm treatment and the “cruel and unusual” punishment of crate rest for a whole month, I am a free woman! I don’t know about you, but I think the humans who let me get those nasty worms also should have some crate rest. 

Foster Mom says I get to go on walks again. Woohoo! I’m also looking forward to playing with my buddy, Jasmine Laine. Sometimes, I get a little bossy and she doesn’t seem to like that, so we’re trying to learn each other’s play styles. 

I’ll tell you one thing: she is a messy eater and I make it my mission to clean her face. Even if it means getting in her crate! 

6/13/22 Update:  There is nothing like watching two former mill mamas relax and learn how to be dogs. 

Foster girls Jasmine Laine and Monica Mary Ann have gone from politely ignoring each other, to arguing, to one street fight, to learning how to play together and enjoying each other’s company. 

I put a blanket in my office for them to hang out on while I’m working. Here is a glimpse of Thursday morning‘s WWE event. 

You will see Monica “The Bowling Ball” Mary Ann’s signature move of going low and under to get the legs. Then you have Jasmine “The Crusher” Laine with the back up and cover you move. This works well until Monica goes for the teats! Whoa there, girlie! You might get fined for that move. 

The afternoon is all about rest and recovery for the next match.

6/21/22 Update:   I’m a helper. I help Foster Mom drink her coffee in the morning. I help with tree trimming. I help wrangle unruly toys into submission.