Neela has been adopted!  She met her new family and instantly rolled over for a belly rub, and she instantly fell in love. Neela will have a skin brother to play with and will have all the luxuries any sweet girl like her could ever want. We wish you guys best!

I was lost in Texas and for the life of me, I don’t know why no one came looking for me. It was extremely cold the night a very kind lady stopped and picked me up in a strange neighborhood. She took me home and cleaned me up.

You might notice I have lost lot of hair and recently had babies. I am not a older lady – I think I am fairly young. I am extremely loving and have had no problems with the dogs in the house.

So, that’s all I really know about me. I am headed to Dr. Larsen’s this morning. She will get me all fixed up, so I can be the beautiful Bulldog I was born to be.

3/6/19 Update:  Yippee Yi Yo Kiyay Kiyay, EIEIO, and Whee, Whee, Whee all the way home.  OOPS, where are my manners? Miss Neela here. You can call me Neela the Sheila, but I am not an Aussie. I am so excited to be in rescue after my abandonment trauma. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue’s welcoming arms embraced me a few weeks ago and my future prospects instantly brightened from bleak to brilliant.

All the pros at the doc shop “oohed and ahhed” over me as they tended to my medical needs. The stitches from cherry eye surgery are almost dissolved. My dogtor drove my flea infestation into retreat and my luxurious fur coat now glows. They reminded me of the advice Pumba gave Timon, “You got to put your behind in the past.” So I thanked the medical staff as I kissed them goodbye when they sprung me into my new life. My foster family says that I am charting an upward arc to my forever future. They petted and hugged on me on the ride to Chez Maison Ménard BBnB. Moments after entering my temporary apartment, the dining staff served tapas and drinks. Talk about your puppy happy hour!

The other Bulldogs here are serene, well-nourished (Hmm, umm, umm, sounds good to me), loved and cherished. The resident queen is the commander of this calm canine camp. WTH, all I want is to be loved again! These fur sisters are thriving. Wow, is this the future in store for me? I can only dream. I am still perfecting my house manners. I want to please my peeps and the Bulldog pack is helping. Within days, I upgraded quarters from the guest apartment to a she-shed in the main Bulldog salon. Soon, I hope to enjoy full run of the house privileges, just like the other pups here.

My affectionate side flourishes in this environment. Just pet me for a few strokes and I roll over in demand of a belly rub. Foster peeps say that the competition for my adoption will be swift so get your application in now.

3/17/19 Update:  Happy St Paddy’s day everyone from Neela the Sheila. Erin go bragh!  What is Irish and stays out all night?  Patio furniture!  Bipeds laugh, but I don’t get it. I also don’t know what beer is but it sure added flavor to the corned beef cooked in it that we had as an appetizer.  My video shows me throwing bear, not beer.  Homophones are so confusing to us Bullies.

See me lounging in this photo on a sunny mild day in my she-shed with my toys out on the poop deck, so named because one of my fur sisters uses it for that purpose.  Not me though, I prefer unpaved sanitary facilities to deposit unused calories and hydration.  The maintenance man cleans up after us so I don’t lose any relaxation time.

Given such responsible behavior, foster peeps have upgraded my privileges to full run of the house.  In the doggy dormitory wing of this BB&B, enough comfy beds can accommodate all of the pack members.  I sack out there when we retire, but soon steal back to my she-shed for security and seclusion.

My crate mate chills with me during doggy happy hour.  It is a daily festival of canapés and quaffs.  This week, it will be surf & turf day, with bits of roast beef and sautéed lobster.  The food, drinks, recreation, transportation, medical care, and hospitality costs us nothing at this all-inclusive resort.

I visit the beauty shop twice a week these days as spring allergens are causing coat and skin irritations.  The medicated baths are so “ooh and ahh”.  I almost hate for the allergies to go away.

I am hyper affectionate.  Pat my head and I roll over for a belly rub.  When foster dad invites me onto the sofa for special one-on-one love, I get so excited that I wildly flail and flounder.  Ample love and exquisite nutrition tell us that we are cherished family members.  We know that you will protect us and provide security, medical care, attention, and a path to fur-ever happiness.

Stay tuned for further updates but don’t be surprised if another adoptive family has already made me an offer that I can’t refuse.

4/12/19 Update:   Hi every Bullie, Miss Neela the Sheila here with my latest tails. I love to help foster Dad in the kitchen.  When he reaches for the knife rack, and opens that magic cold box where the good stuff hides, he needs my sanitation services. He keeps me in training by occasionally “dropping” a snack to see if I can catch it in the air. I do not disappoint him. Between this and centerfield, I keep my athletic bod in great shape.

I also attend to my laundry lady duties making sure that the waterproof membrane sheets are dry for my sofa. So I help around the house in several ways. What a good girl am I!  I also recently enjoyed a well-earned day off just sucking down the sunshine and reveling in this fine Bullie weather.  We do not have enough of these cool and sunny days so I am making the most of it. Even my fur sister got in on the act.

I am restored, ready and eager to take up permanent residence in my fur-ever home.  Maybe you and I can make our dreams come true.  Love from Miss Neela.