From Neely: Today was a great day! I got ready for my new family by putting on my pretty pink harness and packing up my pink toys and leash, and then I waited. My new parents, Sean and Andrea, came over and they fell in love with me as soon as they saw me! I am so happy, but my foster mom was a little sad to see me go. I think that’s because she says I am the sweetest little girl ever!

Have you seen me? Take a close look. Aren’t I beautiful? That’s what everyone tells me. They say, “Neely, you have the most beautiful face I have ever seen.” I just entered rescue and several people have already said they wanted to take me home with them forever.

I am 2 years old and only weigh 43 pounds, so that may make me a perfect age and size, don’t you think? I’m dainty! I love people and I have been fine with other dogs I have met.

I had some babies already in my short life, but no more. I will get everything checked by Dr. Larsen, have a little necessary surgery, and then be ready to hit the walkway and model all my charms.

What are you waiting for? You better not tarry. I may not be in the “available column” very long.

7/14/20 Update:  I have been in my foster home for one week and I am loving life!

I love to play, play, take a quick nap, and then play some more. I love all dogs and people, and I want to play with everyone! I love all my toys and even twerk my cute bootie when I get excited.
I am a crazy sweet girl who does well going potty outside and sleeping in my crate at night. I have really come out of my shell and I mean, really… did you see how cute I am? Hopefully, I’ll find my perfectly matched furever family soon.
7/21/20 Update:   I’m still loving my life in my foster home! I really love to play with my toys and also with some things which aren’t my toys. 🙂 I bark when I want my foster siblings to play with me! I learned how to go up and down the stairs this week. Going up was easy, but the down part took me awhile to learn. I love short walks (because it’s too hot to go much further), and am doing well going potty outside. Here are some more pics to show how beautiful I am.