Noel Nutcracker

Noel Nutcracker

Noel had a meet-and-greet with an incredible family on Monday. This family really knows their Bulldog stuff. In fact, if you look at the meet-and-greet pictures closely, you may recognize Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Storm. In addition to Bulldog sister Storm, Noel will have another Bulldog sister, Harley, and a Shepard mix brother, Linus. All three Bulldogs snorting and grunting while shuffling around getting to know each other was a sight to see and a sound to hear!

All day today Noel knew it was her turn to head off to her forever home. She checked the door several times to see if they were there yet. When it was time, she said goodbye to the resident dogs and foster family. She then greeted her momma out front. She got so excited when her momma showed up that she almost didn’t wait to have pictures taken!

Noel is going to have so much fun in her new home, I’m already looking forward to her future updates! 

Friends today started off great and went downhill fast.  My name is Noel Nutcracker. I am 4 years old and on Sunday I joined rescue. I brought my small friend Nick with me. Nick may or may not be my baby.  It’s no secret that I have had my share of babies. But this morning I just about had to slap a man in a truck across the face with my paws. I got up early and put on my scarf and I thought I would walk to the stop sign and back.

I was really moving fast and my lady parts where just swinging. And then it happened. A man pulled up and yelled “Hey Fat Mama you got any babies for sale? I need a bulldog puppy!” I turned around and looked at him and thought did you just call me FAT MAMA?  And then it happened, the lady holding my leash let him know just because I was a bulldog did NOT mean bullying was acceptable and my name was NOT FAT MAMA!  She knew my baby making days where over.  Then guess what happened? He got out of his truck and opened up his billfold and tried to buy me. The lady holding my leash stepped forward and told him the best thing he could do was get back in his truck and drive off.  Well some people won’t take no for an answer and he said everything has a price and he got down on his knee to talk to me. Well that was a game-changer because the lady holding my leash called 911 because she felt like he was going to grab me.  When that happened he backed away and climbed back in his truck and drove off.

I will say there was a moment I was afraid but weighing about 76lbs I am really not a grab and go girl.  I could not trot back to the house quick enough and tell the bulldogs there that there are crazy people out there and be safe.  My name is Noel Nutcracker and I am now safe!

12/21/21 Update:  Noel is slowly starting to show a little more personality around the house. I imagine that when she’s completely comfortable, her personality will be as big and fun as she is!

In addition to her spay, Noel had a tumor removed and work done on both of her eyelids. Look closely at the pictures and you can see her hot pink stitches! Noel had her ears packed and has medication for kennel cough, too. 

Noel is not a fan of the mandatory rest-after-surgery rule. She is ready to play and go on walks, but rules are rules, so extra pets and belly rubs are used in exchange for her compliance.

12/29/21 Update:  Noel couldn’t have been happier with her Christmas goodie bag. She was so excited about it that she started to cherry pick toys and blankets out of the other dogs’ bags, too. 

Noel proudly carried all of the blankets around the house, then into her crate. After that, she made quick work of the stuffed toys. She likes to pull the stuffing out, so I try to steer her toward the toys that don’t have stuffing. 

There are times when Noel picks up something that doesn’t belong to her and refuses to give it up (a child’s favorite stuffed animal, my slipper, etc). Previously, we were using the trade it out method with a dog toy or treat, but she has shown us a little of her Bulldog stubbornness so it doesn’t always work. We are working on “drop it” with her so that when she does pick up something she shouldn’t, she doesn’t try to keep it for herself. 

It’s almost time for Noel’s stitches and staples to come out. I can tell that she is ready to get back to unrestricted activities, such as taking walks and playing with the other dogs.

1/5/22 Update:   Noel had her eye stitches and staples from her spay and tumor removal taken out and she is one happy girl! She loves to go on walks and has become the newest queen of the couch now that she’s allowed to move around more freely. 

I’m happy to report that Noel is making great progress on only chewing on doggy approved toys and bones. She is listening to the “drop it” command much better, and only shows her stubborn Bulldog side on occasion. She is a quick learner!

1/10/22 Update:  Noel got a taste of the “only foster” sweet life while Nick was away for his neuter and she loved every minute. She spent time cuddling on the couch, roaming the backyard & eating up all the extra treats. This week she tried raw carrots and apples – both of which she loved.

She gets a little distracted by shoes sometimes and occasionally forgets that they aren’t dog toys. Her stubborn streak of not letting go of items she shouldn’t have has really improved & she will often drop the item when given “the mom look”.

Noel is still looking for her forever home. While waiting is hard, Noel knows that there is a family out there who needs her big love and sweet bulldog snores in their life.