Today was the day! Today was the day Nova packed her backpack, picked up her belongings and said, “Rescue has been great, but I am moving on.”  

On August 9, Nova’s life changed forever. Nova had some medical issues that required immediate surgery and on a Sunday afternoon, Nova found the help she needed.  

Dr. Larsen picked up Nova in Allen and that afternoon, Nova had her surgeries to correct everything that had happened to her. And the rest is history.   

After about 45 days, Nova was ready to go. Nova’s wounds healed and, other than being scared when she first sees new things, Nova has forgotten about her past life and the pain from her injuries. She’s now focused on the future and Nova’s future is bright. 

Nova has a new mom, dad and a skin sister. Nova’s new family are no strangers to Bulldogs. They are known to spoil Bulldogs, making sure ever need is met. 

Nova will be missed and the dog bed in the corner of the bedroom will not be the same. When Nova occupied it, she always sat so stoic and observed the happenings of the day. 

Have a amazing life, Nova. If anyone deserves a amazing life, it’s sure you.

OK, before you keep reading, let us warn you: this is a true “reality in rescue” update. If you’re squeamish or don’t like graphic photos, just keep scrolling to the next slow cooker recipe or mask debate. You can catch up with Nova later. 

From volunteer Dianne: In rescue, every day is different. There are a lot of great days and then there are bad ones. Sunday was a bad one. If you know me, the sight of most medical stuff makes me sick. Always has. I don’t want to look and I don’t ever want to see. 

On Sunday morning, I got a call about this Bulldog. The woman said she needs rescue help, and we need to meet today. She sent me a photo of Nova’s cute face and I said, “OK, let’s meet.” 

In the parking lot, as the woman lifted Nova out of the vehicle, I thought I would pass out.  

What the hell? I recognized the prolapse, but the cuts on either side… what the hell are those all about? 

Nova is 2 years old. Each time she was artificially inseminated, she prolapsed. And each time she delivered her puppies, she prolapsed. On Wednesday, she was inseminated again, and she prolapsed. So, she’s prolapsed at least five times. 

The cuts on either side are from a suture material, much like fishing line, that had cut through her skin because the vet had tried to circle the prolapse and then tied it to either side of her legs.  

Off we went to the emergency room, but 17 families were ahead of me. That was not going to work. 

Ronnie was at church and Lundi was at work. They both are excellent in a critical situation. Ronnie said, “You can do this. Lube it up and push it in.” I said I was really sick and I couldn’t do it.   

I texted Dr. Larsen: “Can you call me?” She called, and all bright and chipper, she said, “What’s up?” I tried to explain, but she said she needed pics. And this had to be a God thing…. because I then learned Doc was coming back from the airport and was in Plano. She was on her way to help!

In true Doc fashion, we loaded Nova up in the front seat of her SUV and off they went. Yesterday afternoon, Nova had surgery to correct the prolapse. The staff attended to the cuts and tears up and down her legs and relieved her pain. You would think that Nova would be mean and try to bite, but all she could do was try to lick. 

Words cannot express how much Dr. Larsen and her staff mean to me. I’m sure Nova will agree. They are simply amazing.

8/12/21 Update:  Do you believe in miracles? A dog’s recuperative power is amazing. We picked up Nova Sunday in life-threatening condition and performed emergency surgery. But look at her now! She is cruising like nothing ever happened. And it certainly helps that she is a super sweet girl.

9/14/21 Update:  Hello all! Nova here checking in from my AirB@B with some news.  I am meeting a family on Saturday and I have a really really good feeling about them. I have looked over their application and they seem to be the family that I have been waiting for. They seem to have a lot of love to give, they buy great treats, work from home and have a child. I love all that for sure!

Hopefully the next time you see me you will be seeing me with my new family!  Love Nova