Today, I was adopted! I have a new family and a new fur sister, Polly Pockett. For Polly, it was love at first sight when she saw me. She wanted to be best friends and all I wanted to do was climb up in my new mom or dad’s lap. I am quite the lap lady!  

I am not lying: having heartworms, going through the treatment and then the 30 days of rest was so hard. I wanted to run and play with the other Bulldogs, yet all I could do was sit and watch and think about my new family.  

Guess what? My new family is exactly the family I dreamed about! 

They are so nice, told me I was beautiful and kissed me all over my face. 

You can’t see in the pics, but Polly is wearing a dress and has a collar with bling. And that means I’m going to get some new dresses and a new bling harness. Plus, don’t forget, I now have TWO laps for sitting! 

Life is great, rescue was terrific and I am loved. What a wonderful world this is.

Hello everyone, Odessa here and today I joined rescue with my friend Mila! We were both waiting outside watching for the rescue wagon and when it rounded the corner, we were like a racehorse heading to the finish line! We had seen the rescue wagon before, but it was never our turn, but we knew today was going to be our leaving day! And we were ready to leave. 

I am 4 years old, and I am just perfection all rolled up in a bulldog body. I have had puppies before, but I got them raised and then it was my turn to go. So, here I am, waiting to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap and have a little surgery and then it will be my turn to find my forever family with a big couch just for me. 

My name is Odessa and wait till you see my friend Mila, she is just as cute as me!

4/20/22 Update:  Unfortunately we have learned that Odessa tested positive for heartworms and will have treatment in the near future.

4/21/22 Update:  Dr. Larsen said she came out of her spay fine today, and then all of a sudden, she threw up. She turned purple, her heart rate went over 200 and she couldn’t breath. Doc gave her a number of meds and treatments to stabilize her, but her prognosis looked grim. 

Next update from the doc: she is now extubated and on nasal cannula with 3L of O2 and resting. She sounds better and is no longer laboring.  

Next update: She went home to Kayla’s house for the night. Heather carried her in and she’s resting in a round ring. 

Please keep this little lady in your thoughts. We need her to bounce back. 

Once again, we’re so incredibly grateful for the staff at Bright Star for going above and beyond for our foster dogs. We are blessed.

5/13/22 Update:  Odessa left the clinic today. She rode well in the car ride to foster Moms home. A little nervous at first but she calmed down and slept the rest of the way. Sweet Girl has several medications to take so Stay tuned Folks

5/18/22 Update:  I sat down outside, hoping to get some good pictures of Odessa, but nooooooo. She wanted her belly rubbed and wanted to play instead.

5/25/22 Update:  Odessa was checking out the backyard and decided to plop herself down in the one wet dirt spot. Thanks, Odessa. 

Foster girl Odessa was not too keen about the early wake-up call. She had to leave for the vet clinic to start her heartworm treatment. Please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts. 

6/21/22 Update:   Count with me, friends, because on Friday, I’m off heartworm treatment rest! For me, that means folding up the round ring, putting on my running shoes and celebrating freedom. It’s been a long 30 days! Now, I see the end in sight.

I have learned a few things while I have been incarcerated. 

I can push a round ring around a room if the ring is not secured between furniture. 

I’m also what some might call a ‘hoarder,” but I prefer the term “collector.” Just this week, I was able to get the cell phone charger (with the phone attached) out of the wall and into my ring. What a shock when my foster mom saw that!

I discovered if I could get a piece of a rug in my mouth, I could pull a good portion of the rug into my ring. That rug made my ring a bit more comfy.

And finally, I learned I can make anyone love me. I may have a naughty gene, but I also give more love than the law allows. I love every dog I meet, kids are the best and I am happy 24/7. I don’t have a mean bone in my body. 

On Friday, when I celebrate freedom, I hope I have a new family to celebrate with. But if not, trust me, I’ll still be celebrating!