Oh what a day it is!  The Oz Man has found his forever home. It was a fairytale ending to a very rough journey.

Oz was sick when he entered rescue months ago. But we had no idea how sick. He started passing lots of fresh blood from his penis. X-rays and an ultrasound showed what we thought was a large tumor. So he was put on hospice care. Dr. Larsen decided he needed to come back to the clinic and live with her. He spent every night and weekend home with her family. But she was determined to get to the bottom of his problem.

His bleeding continued and she continued to do more research. She then discovered he had a urethra prolapse and found a surgical procedure she had not done before. She operated and the bleeding stopped. Oz began to make improvement. Further X-rays showed what everyone thought was a tumor was simply the result of the bleeding and the backup pressure into his prostate. So he was taken off the critical list, but continued to live with Dr. Larsen. Every workday he would get up and go to the clinic with her because he had a job. He spent the day greeting clients, visiting dogs and sleeping. He was always cruising the clinic. Dr. Larsen and the staff and clients loved him! But she knew there was a perfect family and home out there where he could live out the rest of his days.

So today was the big day. Suzanne has been talking to Dr. Larsen to find out everything about Oz. She and Bella came to pick him up and take him home. Oz knew it was a special day and had the biggest smile on his face when he got into the car. He is on his way home to meet his dad and fur siblings. 

We wish them the best and a fairy tale ending where everyone lives happily every after!

It is anything but a magical kingdom for Oz. After several years with the same family, it was decided that 8-year-old Oz would be better off with the care and services rescue could provide.

He was part of a growing family and his age and vision were causing problems for him. He is a little thin, but otherwise appears to be in great shape. He doesn’t see as well as he should, but with proper eye care that should improve. He tends to be startled when surprised, but he is not aggressive. He moves well, but is also happy laying in a cushy bed in the corner of the room. He would be great for a family with older children who respect his limitations. He is longing for a new retirement kingdom with good food, short walks through the neighborhood and people who will love him just as he is.

3/29/18 Update:  As you can see by the pictures Oz is on handsome dude, he always looks like he is sleeping, (I think it’s his beautiful long white eye lashes)  He has a smile and always greets you with a tail wiggle, he is extremely gentle & loving. He is house trained, a mellow dude that would be perfect in a slow-paced or active home with or without a skin brother or sister around 8 yrs. old or up. He is active for his age and as sweet as can be, he gets along well with all the fur babies in the house and chases the 11-month-old fur foster around as if they were the same age. He is very happy to play or be your couch partner, under foot at the desk he shows his loyalty by staying close.

4/8/18 Update:  Oz is house trained, doesn’t need to be crated (has not been in a crate since he joined us), gets along well with all dogs and all people, young and old. He is a happy guy that loves to be talked to and cuddled. He loves the car, enjoys a little walk or just soaking up some sun. He is extremely well behaved, low maintenance and has NO more special needs. 💕 He is trouble-free!

4/20/18 Update:  I took Oz back to the clinic last week for his foster parents. He continues to have problems with occasional dark red blood dribbling out of his penis and last week had had some irritation and swelling on his belly.

The vet called me on my way home after taking some x-rays. They were remarkably different from the ones taken on March 19. His lymph glands near his hips are significantly enlarged, his colon is misshaped and pushed to the side by something (growth/tumor). His heart has changed some and he appears to be anemic. Doc said the change in his heart would cause a decrease in blood flow. I had noticed that his gums are way to white.

Whatever is going on did not show up in x-rays on March 19 or the ultrasound we did later that week. Doc feels this is an aggressive and fast growing form of cancer (possibly starting in the prostate even though the prostate is not enlarged). She did the chest films to look at his lungs to see if it had spread. It does not look like it has yet. She fed him some canned food and he ate well. He is comfortable and she did give him some pain meds. He has lost several pounds over the last month and his spine looks worse. 

Where do we go from here? His appetite has been off and on. When he gets to where he refuses to eat we will need to do something. Because of the colon involvement, when he gets to where he cannot poop, we will need to do something.

I saw him three time this week. He spends his days laying on his bed in a giant foldable pen Dr. Larsen set up for him. He takes a few strolls round the clinic checking on everyone and does outside to get some sun. he is moving a little slower, but other than that he has had s very good week having everyone wait on him constantly. He is getting a mixture of dry and canned food an some extra supplements and has regained a couple of pounds.