Pepper Dot

Pepper Dot

Well, friends… Foster Momma and I rang in the New Year as usual… me letting her scratch my butt and her accommodating me.
But – the best news is that I got adopted… yes, I did! Today, my Foster Momma took me to my new home with Cidney, who is going to love me. Well, she already does… she fell in love after meeting me only once. This face gets me in with the ladies! It feels great knowing she’ll take care of me FURRever.
My new mom Cidney has already bought me all sorts of cool things and, even though Foster Momma is sad, I know I am going to love it here.

Pepper Dot here and reporting to rescue! Where did I get my name, you ask? Well, first of all I am a spicy kind of gal. Think of a bunch of white pepper with a few sprinkles of black pepper. That’s me!

Pepper Dot is a lot better than being known as #43 which is what I was a few days ago. But those baby making days are behind me. I had a recent litter and you might can tell from the pictures I still have some milk. 

I just turned three years old and I have no idea how to walk on a leash. What a shame! But that will change soon. I need a nice long visit to the spa and clinic for some relaxation and work. Then I will be ready for the rest of my life. I want to spice up the life for a family who appreciates me and can give me all the love I deserve.

11/20/20 Update:  Wow – it’s been just a few days since I got to my new foster home and I ‘m already making great strides in getting to know and trust people.

I was shy and nervous on day one, but I have found my comfy spot on the couch and another comfy spot in a bed… just for me. A girl could get spoiled. Foster Mom says I need to be spoiled, as I am the most beautiful girl out there (I hope she is right).
I am not yet comfortable going out with my harness and leash, but Foster Mom keeps trying so maybe I will be less nervous and try it again. I never had a leash on before and I don’t like it yet.
Yesterday, they put me in the big bowl full of warm water and got me all wet. They kept giving me treats and calling me “good girl” so I could get all clean. My white coat is so smooth and shiny now.
I am taking some meds and I do a good job cooperating with those (especially the medicine that is wrapped in yummy chicken.). Since they are trying to add some pounds on me, I am getting more soft food which I prefer. I am a lucky girl.
About my name: I am one of the Thanksgiving spices, but Foster Mom and Foster Sister call me Princess Pepper, DaMush, boo, boodle and so many names. It’s OK with me, as long as they keep calling me.
Time to go take another nap. It’s exhausting being this cute.

11/22/20 Update:  Hi everyone…I’m still here and looking for my furrrever home.Foster Mom thinks I may have something call “Ziety” as I got very scared and mad when she and foster sister went out the other day. I don’t think they were gone very long but it was long enough to show my displeasure (see attached photo). I know she was very angry when she got home but I just wanted her to know that she has spoiled me by being home with me all week and being away is not an option.

Now she is back at work so I woke my Foster Sister up at 8:30 by barking. I never barked until I saw the big machine come out…the one that helped clean up the mess I made and helps clean all my fur off the floor and couch. It scared me so I barked at it. That seems to get some attention to I tried it again today to let the family know I was still here and wanting attention. FS was not happy but she came out to sleep on the couch near me which made me happier.

This week we have been working on going outside. I do not like when she attaches the leash…I usually run right in to my crate. But, when she lets me outside and does not hold on to it. I love being out there. SO much to smell but I still stick very close to FM. Mom says we need to keep working on this

Mom says I’m too cute to stay mad at so I hope the cuteness keeps working! Until then, if you are at home and want to have the best smooshy faced company ALL the time, please consider adopting me!

12/1/20 Update: It’s been a great week for me because Foster Mom shared something called turkey, which was yummy. It looked like a giant bird, but tasted like heaven.

I have been getting better with going outside and I enjoy getting some zoomies around the grass. It tires me right out and it sure feels great. I hope my forever home has a yard for me to run around in because, right now, I am still scared of the leash. Foster Mom puts it on me and I am learning to be OK with it, but I still don’t like it yet. I do enjoy the chewy rewards when I listen, though!
I also learned that when Foster Mom sits next to me to smooch my face and scratch me, it’s because she LOVES me. The BEST news is, if she stops and I touch her with my paw, she starts again. She’s so easy. And if she stops again, I give her the cold shoulder, so she remembers that her job is to love me, feed me and pet me ALL the time. She’s learning, but may still need more training.
12/8/20 Update: This just in… I love my foster family.
Today’s top story: I got two presents this weekend ~ a new, beautiful purple harness and a new bed and I love them both. Foster Mom says they are for “Harmonica,” which is a Jewish holiday about burning oil, but why is it named for a musical instrument? I just don’t get all this human stuff.
Truth is, I don’t need to get it as long as I get “it” – love and pets, scratches and even outside time.
Yes, that’s right. This is the same Pepper Dot who didn’t like the leash or the outside. Now, Foster Mom takes me out with my new harness. I let her attach the leash and we walk around. Holy poop – so much to smell and I even get to see other dogs out and about. I do feel sorry for them, as they are nowhere near as pretty as I am. I can strut, knowing my foster family loves me and because I am doing so well.
In other news, I hope my forever family knows how much I am waiting to hear from them. All I want is love. And scratches and even belly rubs. I rarely bark, I rarely snore (less than Foster Mom, I’m sure of that) and I am very well behaved, Foster Mom says. I would also love a yard, so I have somewhere to jump and run when I want.
That’s all the news for now. This is Pepper Dot (Lurvey, as Foster Mom calls me) signing off.

12/25/20 Update:  “Rudolph, I’m not – I’m Pepper Dot. I am NOT guiding any sleighs tonight…I am sleeping on MY sofa, as usual.”

Merry Christmas to all from foster girl Pepper Dot!