Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan “Mugsy” is saying adios. That’s right – I finally busted out of my foster home. I am headed down to south Texas for retirement. I felt the heat coming from the 5-0 and had to leave my operation. Them coppers will never get me, see! I’m way too clever for them. I’m always 4 paws ahead.

My new family is amazing, you see. They got me a new green collar. Oh, yeah… my favorite color looks great on me. There was a new foster dog in my house who I left in charge. His name is Bandit, which suits him nice.

Thank you to everyone for checking in on me throughout my journey in rescue. I love all the dames that I had the pleasure of meeting. I know I am leaving so many hearts broken, now that I have left. What can I say? This mug is something else. Until next time… Mugsy out!

I AM BACK! Yep, that’s right. I was adopted in April and I came back today. My adoptive family ran into some problems that no one saw coming and they knew I was not going to be happy being alone all of the time, so they made the decision based on what I needed. And I need a family that wants a small little fella that has the biggest heart. I enjoyed my life down South. I met a lot of new people and went to a lot of places. I am going to just say I was on a long vacation. Now, I am back with my foster family and I will be going through the applications to find a perfect family. So, send in an application and maybe you’ll be matched to me. Let’s have a great time this summer getting to know each other!

Peter Pan has been adopted!  From his foster momma: Today was all about Danny and Peter Pan! This week, Danny turns the Big 50 and he chose for his birthday a Bulldog because he had always wanted one! Peter Pan feels honored that he chose him. Danny and his family were so excited to drive here today and take their new family member home. Peter Pan danced, pranced and turned in circles so the family could see all his sides and they loved every inch of him. Peter Pan was anxious to help teach them everything he liked. In his new home, he will have someone there to make sure he gets all his needs met. These first time Bulldog owners were one of the happiest families I have met in a long time. Much happiness, Peter Pan, in your home. I know you will love it there!

Peter Pan was the boy who never grew up. Now rescue has our very own Peter Pan.

Peter is 3 years old and weighs only 32 pounds. He is a tiny, full-grown Bulldog. He reminds most people of a puppy, but he is fully mature and acts like a grown dog. So he is kind of the best of both worlds. He was found and surrendered to a shelter, so we know nothing of his background. His head seems a little large for his tiny body and his back hips swing out a bit when he stands or walks. His skin is dry and he needs to be neutered. He also needs to gain a little weight, but he should never be over 40 pounds. He has the most mesmerizing eyes and the prettiest red tint to his fur.

He is at the clinic for a few days to get everything checked out. If you want a dog that looks like he never grew up, Peter Pan may be the pup for you!

6/29/18 Update:  Peter Pan here. Yes, you read right. It’s me again. I am back in foster care and looking for a special family to call my own. I’m a little fellow that can be carried around, but my ego can’t be contained. I am learning to be a part of a pack currently. I still have my moments from time to time. My foster pops has started calling me Mugsy. If you take a look at my sweet face, you will understand why. I seem to be mean mugging everything. I currently need attention throughout the week for my tail pocket and face folds. I am patient when you clean both and love cuddle time. My foster mom is even trying to get me to do yoga Please share my story if you think you can help me find my furever home.

8/30/18 Update:  First of all, I want to thank everyone for the new BIG 42’ crate. I LOVE IT! It’s so nice to have my own area to call my own. My foster pops showed up with it a few weeks back. Even though I am a small bundle of cuteness, I have a large personality. My skin has healed completely, but my tail pocket needs moderate attention. I am working on potty training everyday. If I can get an active family that would allow me to be the only fur thing, it would be preferred. I do get along with others, but I always want to be the king.

11/20/18 Update:  It’s me, Peter Pan. Or as I’m better known in my part of town: “Mugsy.” You see, I am that type of Bulldog who loves my human. That’s right… I said Human. You got a problem with that? Didn’t think so! I have my foster house running smoothly. I have to keep an eye out for the 5-0. Those guys are always wanting to bust up my operation. I finally have it running smoothly. We get up in the morning to a nice breakfast, take care of the business outside, and have nap time.

When the foster fam is at work, we like to explore and take some naps. I stay in the master bedroom, you see. We know that when they get home, it’s always time for nice greetings and belly rubs. Mmmm Mmmm… dinner is great, get to go outside again, then we wind down on the family couch and get caught up on our shows. I’m head honcho around here so don’t you forget about it! I keep everyone in order and wiggle my backside when I walk. So if you’re looking for a lil’ firecracker, hit me up. Uh oh, I hear the 5-0… gotta go!

12/1/18 Update:  I don’t know whose idea it was around here to dress me up. This is bringing down my street cred. I can hear it now… “Mugsy is getting soft.” And all this Christmas decor has glitter on it. Grrr… I am not happy! My foster parents were laughing and I had to hold back my emotions. You see, I have some boys on call to handle business when I bark. If these pics get out, it’s no good.

My foster pops and I are chillin’ on the couch today, watching our Denver Broncos. I was really upset about the Georgia Bulldog loss yesterday. I’m telling you we get no respect around here. I am working on it, believe me. Just to put it out there… I would like to bust out of this joint for Christmas and find my furever home. If you can share my story, I would appreciate it.