Today, our little jewel met her furever family and was adopted! Here are some pics with our sweet lil’ gem.

At just 1 year old, Peyton has joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. She’s as cute as can be, but needs a little extra food. Peyton is a doll! Stay tuned for more information about her.

7/12/16 Update:  On July 7, we picked up a sweet lil’ jewel named Peyton – about 1 year old. This lil’ foster girl is sooo playful and loving. She is all puppy! She gets so exited when any attention is shown toward her. She is recovering from being spayed and having her tail removed. So it’s been a little slow to be able to really get to know this sweet lil’ girl. Our precious Peyton is just a total gem. She is crate trained, gets along with her other foster siblings and her foster cats. She answers to her name quickly and she shows so much willingness to learn.

7/24/16 Update:  Foster girl Peyton was pooped out after yesterday’s event at Hollywood Feed in McKinney. From her foster momma: Peyton loves to play and she sure showed it at Hollywood Feed. Peyton was so excited to meet her foster brothers and sisters that she played herself out. I was able to catch a few pics…. precious Peyton is so easy going and loves to be with others. Still a puppy at heart.

8/16/16 Update:  Peyton, Peyton, O’ Peyton! Our precious lil’ foster girl is a “5-year-old pre-school human toddler.” She is so inquisitive. For example, at bed time, she is never ready. She will go to another room to avoid me; then another, then another and she hides out in her foster brother’s bed while he is in it. She gets behind him, sits on top of him or just sits there. as if she’s saying, “See, mom! I am wide awake and we are not finishing playing.” This sweet lil’ girl will also fake potty to hang a lil’ longer. No joke. But yesterday, Peyton had entropion surgery on both eyes and is recovering nicely. Even after surgery, she still had FOMO (fear of missing out). She is right there everywhere. Miss Busy Body in yo buziness.  We are working with Peyton on her jumping when she gets excited and when she hears or is near the vacuum (she doesn’t like that monster). Peyton is a morning girl. She wakes with a happy heart ~ excited about the day, while foster sister Sandy is giving her the look of, “If you don’t stop jumping around me, I am going to put you in my belly!” Foster brother Bentley is trying to Bully her out of the kitchen. But she just goes on with her happy morning dance. Peyton does something real special (at least for us) and that is greeting us at the door. She’s a door greeter. Whenever she hears the door chime, she rushes to you and just can’t wait to jump (yup jump) in your arms… literally! Every time. Peyton has this sweet innocence about her. I believe that Peyton already has a gift for her furever family. The gift of love.