Yesterday was a great day! It was my adoption day and I got to move into my new home with my new family.
Foster Mom packed my food, some treats and some other special things for me to take… and, of course, my “fish.” When I got to my new home, I walked in and started looking at everything and I wasn’t scared this time. It was if I had been there all along.
My new mom was so excited to see me, but my new fur-sister was not so excited to see me. She kept coming over to me, sniffing and then would walk off. After a little while though, she was trying to give me “hugs” from behind! I think she likes me now.
I did well on my first night and I already know how to jump on the couch myself.
Thank you to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, Dr. Larsen, Bright Star Veterinary Clinic and my foster family for helping me to find my forever family. I am so happy!
Please welcome Pieball of the Fun-tastic Four to our rescue family!
We were born on May 11, 2020. Our owner recently died and we were taken in by her best friend, but the friend already had five dogs of her own and four children. Let’s just say the house was crowded and sometimes chaotic.
The friend didn’t want to sell us to strangers or take us to the shelter, so she contacted Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. She knew they would find the perfect home for each of us.
Pieball is the one male in the group. He likes to think he is the boss, but his sisters keep him in line!
He thinks he is the boss, but he isn’t! He has a real bad cherry eye and one testicle that hasn’t dropped. We think his behavior is trying to compensate for that. He weighs 36.6 lbs.
We are all in pretty good shape. We are not always as calm as we were in our photoshoot. We were told we had to be nice for the photographer.
We can all run and play and be a little rowdy. We are “kinda sorta” potty trained. Somebody still makes a mess sometimes.
We got our shots (OUCH!), our physicals and we’ll get in for our surgeries in a week or two. The doctor around here is very busy! There are dogs everywhere.
1/15/21 Update:  I am finally settling in to my foster home and venturing more out of my crate and my foster parents room.  I have been really scared as I am missing the company of my sisters, Cinnamon, Spice & ZJ.  I heard they have been scared also.  Foster sister Scottie has been helping to get me to go outside.  It is still scary,  but I now walk outside with her.  I have also met all of my foster brothers and sisters and I get happy when I see them and want to play!


My nickname is Blue or Bluey and I seem to respond to that more than Pie Ball.  My favorite place to sit is under foster dad’s desk,  and I even moved my bed next to FD’s side of the bed.

I have an appointment scheduled to get my cherry-eye fixed and also I am told I am a “Cryptorchid”!  I heard that makes me super-special and Dr Larsen has to take more time with my neuter.  I hope FD can hold my paw during surgery. 

2/4/21 Update:  Well, my surgery day for my neuter and cherry eye was this past Tuesday. Foster Mom and I did a photo shoot while we were waiting for “my turn.” I was a little nervous, so she thought the photo session would help. Foster Mom and Dad were there with me, holding my paw, and everything went well. Foster Mom will spare you the videos, but she said they are pretty cool! I now have two new cuts/stitch areas on my belly, and a very swollen eye. Oh yeah, Foster Mom said I was “whining” after, which I find hard to believe, but she said she has that video too. Now, I will just lounge around and enjoy all the special treatment!

2/7/21 Update:  I am still wearing this “Zen Collar.”  I think that is a fancy way of saying “Donut Head,”  because last week I managed to pull my stitches thru my eyelid!  Not sure how I did this but Dr. Larsen was not surprised.  Foster mom had been sending doc pics of my progress and on Thursday doc called and said “he pulled it thru.”  I thought they were talking about my “fish,”  the one I saved from the resident Scottie, who was trying to rip his tail off.

Next thing I know,  I didn’t have my water bowl by my bed,  I didn’t get my late night treat,  and I didn’t get breakfast the next morning.  I went to see doc in the morning and she and foster mom put this mask on me and I got really sleepy.  I did put up a fight,  but doc was not having that.  Next I woke up and I couldn’t see, because both of my eyes were swollen. What happened?  Well after a few hours and lots of goopy stuff in my eyes I was better,  still a donut head,  but better.  Doc had to remove all my stitches and redo my eye and she told me I had to behave. Sure doc,  I will try.

Foster mom did order me a new “cone” thinking that would be a better option,  but I was not having that.  It freaked me out and foster dad said I was bouncing around that house like I was in a pinball machine.  Huh!

Anyways,  check me out with my fish,  and outside time without my donut (off on the way out,  back on when I hit the door).