Queso was adopted into his forever home today. He has wonderful new mom, dad and fur sister, Montana. His mom and dad are well versed in Bulldog shenanigans and wrinkle cleaning. Queso is already in love with Montana and he has a huge backyard to play in, too.

I turn the big ONE on August  2. And for everyone who has always wanted a puppy… here I am. 

I’m 100% puppy! I hear a lot of, “Don’t.” And “Stop.” And “Be still.” And “Calm down, Queso.” 

But guess what? I am a puppy and I do what puppies do. I jump, leap, fly through the air. And I am perfect ~ in my eyes anyway. 

Now, if you’re wondering how I ended up in rescue, I will tell you. 

My mom knew that I was having a hard time breathing. It seemed as if I gasped for air when I got excited and I was always a loud breather. When she took me to the vet, the doc said I needed soft palate surgery, and I needed my nares widened. 

It was more money than my family had to spend so they took me to their local shelter. I was surprised about that! But the best thing happened while I was there.  

The shelter loaded me up and took me to town to a specialist and I had both surgeries, along with my neutering. That shocked me, but what’s done is done and today I feel amazing! I can breathe and that is the best feeling in the world. I received all my vaccinations and had a manicure. 

So, Bulldog people, after my throat heals and I not longer have to eat canned dog food, get ready. You are going to see all 40 lbs of me with my new family. I might still be jumping and spinning in the air, but hey, that’s just me. I’m a puppy indeed!

4/5/22 Update:  Queso had another great week. He is full of energy and personality! 

Potty training is going well… so well that he’ll bark to go outside even when everyone’s sleeping. 

Queso loves to play. He thinks everything is a toy so we are working on making sure he knows what is appropriate and what to drop. 

He loves to eat, even more than he loves to play. He is on a soft food diet, but will try to steal any bits of kibble from the resident dogs that he can. Yesterday, I must have missed lunchtime by 5 minutes, so he brought the cans to me. 

Queso is looking for a home that welcomes an energetic, playful dog.