Yesterday was the best day of Rainy’s life. The day she wondered if it would ever come. The day she would be adopted and have a happily ever after. The Fourth of July was the day. And Amy was her person.

On 11/26/19, Rainy joined rescue late in the day critically ill. She had pyometra (an infection in her uterus) and fever. She was lethargic and obviously had been sick for a while.

I called Dr. Larsen and told her I really think she might die. Dr. Larsen met me at the vet clinic after hours and saved Rainey’s life.

Rainey’s road to recovery was slow. She would not eat, and she was extremely mad at everyone who tried to help her. Rainey’s tail was infected
and she needed palate surgery. Every end hurt.

In the coming months, she would have her tail removed and Dr. Lay would do her palate surgery. And once again, she was extremely mad at everyone.

After a few months, Rainey was ready to leave the vet clinic and I was the chosen one to take her home.

We understood one another. She liked her space and she minded her own business. At first.

Then she became the biggest pest ever. Nothing was off limits. She got into everything. She tore up whatever would fit in her mouth. I had to baby proof my home just like I had a toddler. She would make a preacher cuss. I thought she would be with me forever.

But……. then along came Amy.

Amy, a person who likes a challenge. Amy, a person who loved a dog with similar behavior problems.
Amy, a person who asked all the questions, and listened to and wrote down the answers.
Amy, a person who decided Rainy was her spirit animal because they are very much alike.
Amy, a person who loved the idea that Rainey did not fit into a mold.
Amy, a person who understands something might get chewed up, but can be replaced.

Amy ~ the one that will never give up on Rainey when the going gets rough.

If every person could see a dog through Amy’s eye, what a wonderful world this would be. Giving up is just not an option, and you can see the gratefulness in Rainy’s big, beautiful eyes.

Rainy’s owner called us at 5 p.m. and told us her Bulldog was critically ill. She had a fever, was lethargic and seemed to be on the brink of death. Based on the symptoms, the owner suspected Rainy had pyometra.

Thankfully, Dr. Larsen told us she’d come back to the clinic and she would do what she can to save her. We raced Rainy to the clinic, and now she’s getting ready for surgery. She’s extremely swollen, perhaps from the enlarged uterus?

Please keep Rainy in your thoughts. We’re hoping Dr. Larsen can help her pull through.

11/27/19 Update:  Rainy made it through her surgery last night! Around midnight, she was trying to stand up and drink water. Doc believes she had been sick for several days and finally became so toxic, she stopped eating, walking and her torso started swelling. Please keep the good thoughts coming for her. We should have another update later today!

11/28/19 Update:   She’s still not eating well, but took a little from the vet staff. They had to give her meds by syringe. Her breathing has been raspy, but not labored. She’s a shy girl and “oh-so” cute.

12/2/19 Update:  Foster girl Rainy continues to do well with her recovery at Dr. Larsen’s. She’ll soon need to move to a foster home and we’re in need of more of those for our dogs!

1/15/20 Update:  Rainy came to us one night in November and she was near death. Dr. Larsen met her at the vet clinic and took her directly into emergency surgery. Rainy was suffering from pyometra, and she’d been enduring it for so long, she had become septic. Doc didn’t know if she would even make it through the surgery. God blessed Rainy, Dr. Larsen and us that night and Rainy survived!

She struggled the next two weeks to eat and regain her strength. She needed to get stronger because she also had a terrible tail infection. Dr. Larsen was treating it with heavy antibiotics until she could do the tail removal surgery. It was touch-and-go for these two weeks. God blessed all of us twice and she made it to have her tail removed.

Soon she began to recover, but she had been so sick for so long, that when she finally felt better, she looked around and didn’t know where she was. Her home was gone and her family was gone. She seemed confused and scared.

Rainy wouldn’t let anyone touch her after she regained her senses and got back on her feet. But then, she finally started to bond with two of the vet techs. As I came in and out of the clinic to shoot pictures, I tried to befriend her, but she was not having that! Dr. Larsen decided to put her on an anti-anxiety medication and it slowly it began to work. She calmed and began to enjoy life and people.

This week, when I came to do photos, we decided to try to take her pictures. We had all the rules: Be quiet, move slow, do not pet her and no costumes. She came into the room and was led to the set. We all held our breath. The leash came off and I slowly sat down on the floor. She sat and looked at me for a moment. Then she trotted toward me (I was still holding my breath), crawled in my lap and licked my arm.


From there, she worked the room, getting love from everyone. She loved it!

What I see in rescue every day is proof that LOVE, PATIENCE AND TIME can make a difference. Rainy is going to be alright! She is going to have a new family to love, and one that will love her.

4/8/20 Update:  I’m checking in from the “misunderstood” corner. Believe it or not: I am in trouble! On Saturday, I got up, had a bath, painted my toe nails with some clear polish, opened up a new hair bow and stepped into my new harness. It was time to meet a family that was interested in me!

I listened very carefully to Foster Mom’s instructions… Do this. Don’t do that. I had it down to a science! Look cute, shake paws, let my charm win them over. I was ready and I was so excited. I had the charm going on and my family arrived!

And just like in a movie it happened.  I turned into Poltergeist.

My head rotated in a circle and I took off running after the man who came to meet me. I chased him all across the floor. He jumped really high, with me hot on his heels.

Thank goodness I caught a glimpse of Foster Mom’s side eye and I stopped. And that fella, Glen, he still told me I was beautiful. Well, he yelled it from across the room.

What do I learn from all this? I need a home with ladies only, apparently. I am not feeling the men thing. At all.

5/18/20 Update:  Rainy is looking for a furever momma, old or young, who has a lap in which to sit. She doesn’t want a pops – let’s just say she’s not a “fan of the man.” She’s funny, smart, in to everything and has no clue about personal space. I adore her, but she needs someone to love full time. She deserves that!

6/8/20 Update:  Pool’s open! I have been practicing my back stroke and waiting for my forever family to find me.

I am still not a fan of most men, except my foster dad. My foster dad lets me hang on to his shoes and then he pulls me around the room. I can still be a pest at times, and I don’t understand “personal space” anytime. I’m working on potty training and doing really good. For the right family, I know I can be their everything.

So, if there are any ladies out there who need a best friend, I may be the perfect match for you. I am looking for a best friend too!

6/17/20 Update:  It’s two-piece Tuesday! I got up early and did some swimming in my new two piece.

I didn’t realize bathing suits were a must in the pool until I tried to skinny dip on Sunday and that was a huge no-no. The nosy neighbors came over with their rule book and told me to either get out of the pool or put on a bathing suit.

So, off to the store I went. The lady at the store kept steering me away from the bikinis. She said something about “full-figured ladies need to be covered up.”

Now, I regret listening to her because even though I may have gotten a little thick around the middle, tan lines are not cool in my neighborhood.

On Friday, I’ll have a new bathing suit to show everyone and let’s just say those nosy neighbors will be writing a new rule book.