River (Now Mildred Grace)

River (Now Mildred Grace)

It was a match made in Bulldog heaven. Patti and Kelli had a huge hole in their heart to fill after their best friend Mavis Pearl passed away. Mavis Pearl, with her bigger-than-life presence, left suddenly and it was devastating. We all know that empty feeling and the broken heart. And then they saw River on Facebook and their hearts began to heal.

River was in horrible shape when she joined rescue. River gasped for air to breathe and her elbow had a huge growth on it. The doctor also believed someone had tried to debark her earlier in life by possibly shoving a knife or other sharp object down her throat.

But on August 6, 2019, River’s life changed forever. She was rescued and she would be saved.

River had surgeries, rehab, water therapy and she was carried around on a pillow. Walking with a harness and leash seemed foreign to her and she froze with fear. But she had visitors at Dr. Larsen’s cheering her on… Patti and Kelli visited River and River got stronger.

River’s new family includes a Frenchie sister, just River’s size (31 lbs), named Gertie. River also has a new name: Mildred Grace, or Millie.

Mavis Pearl will never be forgotten by anyone that followed her on Facebook, met her in person, or knows Kelli and Patti. But one thing is for certain: we never really heal until we let ourselves love again. And a Bulldog named River was just what these ladies needed to love again.

Rescue… I thought you would never find me. But you did. And I am forever grateful.

I am not much bigger than a big puppy and I am almost 2 years old. I am dirty all over and I smell horrible. My nails are long and curling under. My ears are filthy, my spots of white fur are instead yellow and I have a huge growth on my elbow. What was supposed to be a wonderful life for me ended up miserable. If someone would have loved me, they would have at least cleaned me up, cut my nails and took me to a vet. I was named River today because a river is beautiful and holds lots of treasures. Someday soon, I will be beautiful and someone will treasure me, like a beautiful river.

8/13/19 Update:Foster girl River needs our help, as she’s currently at the ER. 😔

Last week, X-rays showed River has an enlarged heart and left kidney. Her blood work came back, for the most part, normal, but with a high white cell count. She had chest congestion and was getting twice daily nebulizer treatments. Our doc didn’t want to spay or remove the growth from her leg until there was a heart evaluation to ensure River could tolerate anesthesia. We know she was not oxygenating normally ~ she was turning blue with any amount of exertion.

Thankfully, we were able to rush her in for a last-minute cardiology appointment this afternoon. Several staff members checked her out and decided to keep her overnight. They will do an echo tonight or tomorrow. They also want the surgery team available to examine her with a bronchoscope, if necessary. The initial estimate is $2,500 (…gulp…), but we’re hoping they won’t have to do everything on the list. Volunteer Ronnie gave River hugs before he had to leave the ER for the night. Our paws are crossed that all goes well overnight and that we’ll have better news to report soon. Please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts. She deserves a healthy, happy future and we want to give that to her.